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Completely undone, I put War and Peace back--in the Women's Health section--and left, quite shaken, but I was certain of one thing: When you're in the library and people are talking loudly and the librarian doesn't shush them, but shushes you for shushing them, we're in real trouble.
All the same, if an adult walked into the house I was told to shush.
With her daughter's eyes focused and her breathing unsteady, Marlene could sense Annie's heart whooshing its own irregular exchange of "shush-ah, shush, shhhhh, sha-shush.
I love that the librarians I've encountered never really shush people like in the movies.
These loose-leaf, herb-infused teas are caffeine-free, and have names like Cold Shoulder and Shush.
Meyer's passion transformed Grier into a full-fledged tree nerd, and their spouses occasionally shush them as they spout tree facts and figures.
There are still concerns about the health effects of Shush," said a spokeswoman at the Department of Health.
SEB SANDERS can expect his strike-rate to pick up rapidly now that his main employer, Sir Mark Prescott, has started to hit his stride, but in the meantime he continues to do well with his outside rides and took his tally for the season to 36 with a double on Sweet Pickle and Shush.
6, 2000: The shush from behind is a most efficacious shush because the shushee has to spend the rest of the performance feeling your eyes searing through the back of his head.
From a distant beach comes the muted shush of breaking waves.
Rhythmic shush - The soothing sound produced by the Baby Shusher application is designed to break a baby's crying spell and engage their natural calming reflex.
Liverpool fans have never forgiven Mourinho for putting his finger to his lips to shush them during the 2005 Carling Cup final.
Speaking to FNA, Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran Mohammad Majid Al-Sheikh said that Iraqi expatriates can vote in polling centers in Tehran, Qom, Isfahan, Mashhad, Kermanshah, Orumieh, Ilam, Yazd, Naqadeh, Shush and Shiraz on April 27-28.
Drawing controversy also was a $718,000 separation agreement the board approved for Clifford that was called by some a shush money.
I recall the days when Dad, with pencil in hand, told everyone to shush as he listened to football results on a Saturday afternoon.