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I shudder to think

It is too worrying or unpleasant for me to think about something that might happen or might have happened. I shudder to think what my boss will say when I tell him I lost our biggest client.
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I shudder/dread to ˈthink (how, what, etc....)

(informal, often humorous) I am afraid to think or ask myself about something, because the answer might be terrible or unpleasant: I shudder to think when he last had a bath.‘How much more work is there?’ ‘I dread to think!’
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The volcano gave warnings that it would soon pop: Small earthquakes shuddered beneath its surface on September 23.
Each of the four times this year that the Federal Reserve Bank hiked shortterm interest rates, consumers shuddered as another spike was driven into their motivation to borrow and invest.
And what's also clear is that Muir himself probably would have shuddered at the thought he'd be considered the father of Yosemite, though he surely loved that valley.
At 14,500 feet and at an indicated airspeed of 160 knots, the aircraft shuddered and went into a spin to the left.
Last winter, while driving in Sylmar, I shuddered at the sight of several mature crape myrtles that had been hacked back to the trunk.
If you remembered Paus's shoulder separation on the opening drive of the Alabama game four weeks earlier, you shuddered.
The plane from London, with 364 passengers and 19 crew on board, suddenly shuddered 30 minutes before landing at New York's Kennedy Airport.
They wept and shuddered and prayed fervently to the Virgin Mary, whose digital image has been drawing large crowds at Los Angeles churches.
Very simply, FDR dominated the nation and the world when both shuddered in their greatest crises.