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keep schtum

To remain silent; to not say anything. (Used especially when by saying something, especially at the wrong time, one would cause trouble or difficulty for him- or herself.) Primarily heard in UK. It's better to just keep schtum when the boss starts flinging accusations than risk further incensing him.
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keep ˈschtum/ˈshtum

(British English, informal) say nothing: I think we’d better keep schtum about this money, don’t you? OPPOSITE: open your (big) mouth Shtum is a Yiddish word from the German stumm, meaning ‘silent’.
See also: keep, schtum, shtum
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Debbie asks Donna and Ross over their relationship, and they ask her to keep shtum.
IAlas, rather horrendously ( for a great big show-off like me, at least) I had been sworn to secrecy by ITV so was forced to keep shtum.
When the stores introduced those larger models, I kept shtum because I am a wimp and so many of the commentators who reacted in the media seemed to think they were a great idea.
e best thing she's done while being Queen is keep shtum on the happenings of the world - none of us have any clue on what she thinks about the great events of our time.
He even had to pay a large sum to one cast member he had insulted to keep him shtum.
The Russians have a field day, the US State Department stays resolutely shtum.
She's keeping shtum about the 'super top secret' plot for part three, but says, 'This movie is a lot more violent.
The Admiral is keeping shtum, but Mr Pritchard is defiant.
WE'RE Not Singing, We're Not Singing, We're Not Singing Any More, Weee're Not Siiing-ing Any More" - one fan's twist on an old favourite after supporters at the Riverside Stadium were asked to keep shtum during games.
Clearly, this was one occasion when our fighters should have kept shtum.
So, for once, l'esprit d'escalier (literally, the spirit of the staircase), stayed shtum.
23) Back in Toronto, Salsberg expressed his concerns to Tim Buck, who asked him to keep shtum for the sake of the cause.
Alas, rather horrendously (for a great big show-off like me, at least) I had been sworn to secrecy by ITV, so was forced to keep shtum.