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keep schtum

To remain silent; to not say anything. (Used especially when by saying something, especially at the wrong time, one would cause trouble or difficulty for him- or herself.) Primarily heard in UK. It's better to just keep schtum when the boss starts flinging accusations than risk further incensing him.
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keep ˈschtum/ˈshtum

(British English, informal) say nothing: I think we’d better keep schtum about this money, don’t you? OPPOSITE: open your (big) mouth Shtum is a Yiddish word from the German stumm, meaning ‘silent’.
See also: keep, schtum, shtum
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So, for once, l'esprit d'escalier (literally, the spirit of the staircase), stayed shtum.
23) Back in Toronto, Salsberg expressed his concerns to Tim Buck, who asked him to keep shtum for the sake of the cause.
June 10 also sees the launch of three new IRON Press books, including Kitty Fitzgerald's political fable, The Water Thief, and David Bateman's Shtum, a funny and moving collection of poems based on the writer's experience of life with a stutter.
e best thing she's done while being Queen is keep shtum on the happenings of the world - none of us have any clue on what she thinks about the great events of our time.
While Emeli and her camp are keeping shtum, she's renowned for her work ethic and has reportedly been hard at it in the studio.
Oh aye, all the other egos will keep respectfully shtum while she hogs the programme and rams her views on abortion down the TV.
WE'RE Not Singing, We're Not Singing, We're Not Singing Any More, Weee're Not Siiing-ing Any More" - one fan's twist on an old favourite after supporters at the Riverside Stadium were asked to keep shtum during games.
Mervyn King went out of his way the other day to praise Lord (Eddie) George, his predecessor as governor of the Bank of England - for keeping shtum.
Clearly, this was one occasion when our fighters should have kept shtum.
The usually chatty presenter was last night keeping shtum on the matter because, he said, of his contract with the Beeb.
Currie's protests, on the eve of the party conference, that she had kept shtum for so long to limit political fallout will ring hollow in the ears of Iain Duncan Smith's cronies.
Turns out he was in a rehab clinic in Thailand, which they kept shtum.
The Admiral is keeping shtum, but Mr Pritchard is defiant.
But her broken relationship is well behind her now and she is happy in a new romance, but she's keeping shtum about that.