shrug shoulders

shrug your shoulders

to not care or feel unable to do anything The reason most people aren't excited about the election is that both candidates leave them shrugging their shoulders.
Related vocabulary: shrug something off
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of shrug your shoulders (to move your shoulders up as you move your head down to show you do not care or are discouraged)
See also: shoulder, shrug
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They shrug shoulders, bop their heads and twirl their arms around before Elliot leapfrogs over his crouching pal.
That decision--to shrug shoulders and conclude that the municipality couldn't afford to mobilize adequately for evacuating up to a quarter of its population--speaks to the real sources of the devastation of New Orleans and the snail's pace of its recovery.
Those who shrug shoulders rather than stick to agreements would then have to change their ways or lose their work.
The contribution of Mark Hughes was to shrug shoulders and call agents a necessary evil.
It is not enough to look at funding shortfalls and shrug shoulders.
Those within the program shrug shoulders and plead ignorance when asked - not wanting to throw a few more shovels of dirt atop the staggering mound under which Steve Lavin already has been buried - but Bozeman's former coach at Mater Dei High of Santa Ana, Gary McKnight, believes the change can be traced to comments Howland made before practice began in mid-October.
It's time for us all to be honest - the worst thing to do is to shrug shoulders and say it's nothing to do with me.
Maybe we should simply smile vacantly, shrug shoulders, and shuffle on to the next comical text, the next crude aside.
1The shrug: Shrug shoulders towards your ears, hold for two seconds, then relax.
Him roll eyes, shrug shoulders, go all weird in face.
Or lack all values when Roy Keane can hack the leg off an opponent in a charity match and shrug shoulders when he is fined pounds 104,000?