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be shown the ropes

To be taught how to do or perform a job, task, or activity; to have explained or demonstrated how something is done. I had never worked on a ranch before, but I was shown the ropes by a friend of mine. This is Samantha, our new intern. Make sure she's shown the ropes by the end of the week.
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in a bad light

Negatively; under unfavorable circumstances. (Typically used with the verbs "see" or "show," or some similar variation.) I'm flattered that he based a character in his novel on me, but I think I was shown in a bad light. The once-beloved mayor has been seen in a bad light ever since news of his tax-evasion scandal came to public attention.
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show the flag

To stand up for, support, or defend someone or something. A number of people from the actor's hometown are arriving into New York to show the flag at his debut performance on Broadway. My country is often a target for insults or gibes abroad, so whenever I go traveling I make a point of showing the flag for it.
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show the way

To guide someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "show" and "the." I've never been here before, so you need to show me the way. Your leadership has always shown the way for our company.
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show (a lot) of bottle

To act in an impudent or daring manner. Wow, that intern sure showed a lot of bottle when she asked for a raise on her first day!
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show the way

Guide, as in This division has shown the way to bigger profits. This expression transfers the physical sense of guiding one in a particular direction. [Early 1500s] Also see lead the way.
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show the flag

(of a naval vessel) make an official visit to a foreign port, especially as a show of strength.
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show the ˈway

do something first so that other people can follow: The future lies in changing the way we do business, and this Internet company is showing the way.
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A 150-ton model with Barber-Colman's new Maco RS controls will be shown.
It'll be shown with a new, economical WD-100A sheet winder.
Will feature several models of a new line of melt pumps not shown before in the U.
will be shown here by PlastiMatix LLC of Farmington Hills, Mich.
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To be sure, only a tiny percentage of 20,000 hours of new public-access programs being shown nationwide every week is risque, said Alan Bushong, chairman of the board for the Alliance for Community Media.
Three new horizontal oscillating haul-offs will also be shown at NPE for gauge-band randomizing on three-layer lines.
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Three new vertical Klockner Desma machines will be shown by KFD Sales & Service, Erlanger, Ky.
Also to be shown is the USG 900, the "world's largest self-stranding pelletizer," according to group manager Paul Boileau.
A new Easy-Clean low-noise pellet dryer will also be shown.
Interestingly, KFD will have one of its machines molding 5-qt container lids from a four-face, 2+2+2+2 stack mold -- the first time such a mold has been shown in public.
Netstal is also demonstrating a fully automated thin-wall cup molding system, first shown at K'89 (see PT, Jan.