show (one's) (true) colours

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show (one's) (true) colours

To reveal what one really believes, thinks, or wants; to act in accordance with one's real personality, character, or disposition. Primarily heard in UK. Dave said all along that he only wanted this deal because it was in the company's best interest, but he showed his true colours once he realised that he wouldn't get any special commission for his efforts. It's only in times of crisis that your friends will really show their colours.
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show your true colours

COMMON If someone shows their true colours, they show their real character, often when this is bad. Note: A ship's colours are its national flag. Someone I had trusted now showed her true colours. Note: Verbs such as declare and reveal are sometimes used instead of show. Three months into the relationship, Rogers began to reveal his true colours. Note: You can also see someone in their true colours. The children started seeing him in his true colours for the first. Note: Once a pirate ship had got close to a treasure ship by `sailing under false colours', it then revealed its true identity by raising its own flag.
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show your (true) colours

reveal your real character or intentions, especially when these are disreputable or dishonourable.
See also: colour, show
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The poll, by online printer, Instantprint, found that senior management show their true colours at the annual parties and are most likely to stay out until 2am or later (20%), propping up the bar with their colleagues in sales and marketing (19%).
GLASGOW ROCKS captain Kieron Achara insists the second half of the BBL term is when his side can show their true colours - starting on Sunday against Bristol Flyers.
Now striker Torres (above) wants La Roja to erase what happened at the Maracana and show their true colours before bidding Brazil goodbye.
Bright yellow lesser celandine have also been lending colour, whilst daffodils are just beginning to show their true colours.
As the official bank of the SEC and a long-time partner with the SEC and its schools, Regions is pleased to offer Auburn fans a way to show their true colours,' said Tom Brooks, head of Regions Cards and Payments.
I just wish we would stay well clear of these French players who show their true colours and prove that they are indeed spineless.
Greg Clarke, chairman of The Football League, said: "The Arch to Arc bike ride is a chance for loyal fans to show their true colours and make their club proud.
But the 25-year-old believes Rennes will show their true colours away to Toulouse today in the league before heading to Celtic Park for Thursday's Europa League clash.
That's where the local supporters show their true colours.
It has not taken long for the Lib Dems to show their true colours by considering closing schools and sacking teachers.
pretentious dozen let their guard down in front of the cameras and show their true colours.
I call on all those that Dennis Mortimer has stated are ready to invest in the club to show their true colours now.
It's times like this that supporters show their true colours.
When her pursuers get close, the townsfolk show their true colours.
ALUN WYN JONES has urged Wales to show their true colours during their punishing autumn schedule.