show face

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show your face

to choose to be seen by other people You need to go out, show your face, chat to people. After the awful way you behaved, I wonder how you can show your face here.
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show your face

if you show your face in a place, you go there, even when you feel embarrassed about something that you have done (always + adv/prep ) I don't know how he dares show his face in this pub after how he behaved the other night! If he ever shows his face in this town again, I'll get the police.
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show (one's) face

To make an appearance: Don't show your face on my property again.
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But the warden-turned-supervisor did not even show face later to respond to our exclusive pictures showing his Renault remaining untouched while tickets were dished out to cars parked behind and in front of his vehicle.
Long-running game show Face The Music was first shown this week in 1967, and quickly became a huge success.
But he did show face at Barrowfield yesterday as the Hoops warmed up for tonight's Lisbon Lions testimonial match with Feyenoord.
ANNOYING people who let their mobiles ring during a cinema or theatre show face being fined pounds 30.
Now living the quiet life, when caring Julie does show face it's usually for a good cause.
We decided to create four images to show faces from different generations.
The Breakfast host's demand comes after ITV made a PS1million-a-year bid to get her to front Daybreak as the show faces another overhaul.
Poles Apart founder, Jan Mokrzyczki, 80, claims he was told the show faces the axe because there will be no local broadcasts on the station after 6pm.
The show faces stiff competition from Downton on ITV1, which last year proved more popular than EastEnders.