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The evidence showed that the handrail was inaccessible from the shoveled path, and the woman had slipped on the step on which snow had accumulated.
On occasion, a resident will complain to the highway department that his neighbor hasn't shoveled, Mr.
A source of pride for the chief was Officer Donald Southall's December 2009 response to a complaint about a Park Avenue resident who hadn't shoveled her walkway.
Put the wheelbarrow as close as possible to whatever is being lifted or shoveled into it.
The residents asked the commission to make a determination on whether they can deposit snow shoveled from the Pleasant Street sidewalks onto the brook embankment because the only other alternative is to shovel it out into the street (Pleasant Street/Route 122) - something that is prohibited by state and local laws.
Inside the Falmouth United Methodist Church, a solitary man shoveled out mud alongside a toppled wooden cross.