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Retired to stand at stud with Harvey, he was registered in the British Stud Book as Shove Ha'penny, as his original name had been taken by a British-bred dog a couple of years previously.
The higher your center of gravity, the more likely a powerful shove can topple you (see Pushy Science, right).
And when push comes to shove, Bent is a role model for Aston Villa to be proud of.
When push comes to shove inside the Veterans Administration, you can always count on one thing these days -- our local vets at Sepulveda VA will be the ones getting pushed and shoved the hardest.
In my opinion, a back Smith looks a little more stylish in tight pants the same way a back tail shove or shove revert looks better with sweat pants and some new era hat.
The season, which runs from April 26 to June 19, also includes revivals of Push Comes to Shove, Airs, and Gaite Parisienne, as well as La Bayadere, Don Quixote, Romeo and Juliet, Le Corsaire, Giselle, and The Snow Maiden.
But I have a problem when some of them shove it in my face.
Never mind shoving him on a plane to Jordan - shove him in the nearest dock.
It was quite a shove and I stumbled backwards and fell on the pavement.
He said: "They were trying to hammer me and get on my back and I just wanted to shove it down their mouths.
Jones, capped nine times for his country, said: "In some ways Sav is like me and I'd have told Toshack to shove it.
And she couldn't resist giving him a playful shove into the water.
The film showed Cox shove the dementia sufferer towards a bathroom and say: "I'm sick of this f***ing place, f***ing vegetables".