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However, she does admit that she had shouted at people "in frustration" and has apologised for upsetting junior officers, but only after being told to after being cleared by a tribunal.
When a neighbour shouted from their window for the noise to be reduced, they were told to "*** off " by a member of your household.
TELL us the funniest things you've overheard said or shouted at football and you can win a pair of VIBE headphones, RRP PS79.
TERROR TEEN IN A dossier of evidence presented to Pontypridd Magistrates' Court, Llewellyn was said to have committed the following from March to June this year: | Threatened to kill a man with learning difficulties; | banged on the front door of a house belonging to a mentally ill man before shouting and swearing at him; | shouted abuse of a sexual nature at two 14-year-old girls; | threw stones at an elderly man's windows and rang the doorbell; | shouted abuse at people in the street and forced them off the pavement; | kicked the door of a house "most nights" where a 55-year-old alcoholic man lived; | launched into a tirade of abuse at a police community support officer (PCSO) in the street when children were present.
The residents sat on roads and shouted slogans against the electricity department.
For 90 minutes solid (and for a bit longer in the changing rooms no doubt), Nolan shouted as aggressively as he could at whoever was in earshot.
Anthony said he had played golf only a few times before joining three colleagues on the course but understood that he needed to take evasive action if someone shouted "fore" .
We all shouted "Mary" in unison, and she came like a crack.
Defending himself, Roach said: "It was on my way home and someone shouted at me, I wasn't drunk.
A man in a white van honked his horn and shouted something undecipherable.
A MAN shouted 'dead man walking' at a witness who was due to give evidence against him minutes later, magistrates were told yesterday.
Tom Cruise shouted Monday night to fans who had gathered at Grauman's Chinese Theatre for an advance showing of ``War of the Worlds.
Buses brought protesters into the central Baghdad al-Hurriya circle, where they waved flags and shouted "No to America
David Norris, passenger in a car driven by co-defendant Neil Acourt, shouted 'nigger' and threw a container of McDonald's drink and Acourt drove the car towards Detective Constable Gareth Reid, Woolwich Crown Court was told.