shout about

shout about someone or something

1. to yell about someone or something. Alice is shouting about Tom, the guy who stood her up. What are you shouting about?
2. to show one's pride or enthusiasm about someone or something. (Usually with the object shifted to the front of the sentence.) That's really something to shout about. She's something to shout about.
See also: shout
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So be proud you Coventrians, we're the best, most versatile, Don't doff your caps to your 'nouveaux riches' neighbours, But shout our pride, shout it out, shout loud, We have plenty to shout about, shout it, out loud
So now is the chance for all of you with something to shout about to let us know .
Send us an email, titled Something to Shout About, with an outline of the story and your contact details to news@liverpoolecho.
And I wanted everyone to know, I wanted to shout about it.
All you have to do is tell us what makes you wanna SHOUT about where you live in Wales.
Competition with the views of some well-known Welsh people who tell us why they shout about where they live.
And if somehow the captain foresaw a way to get rich, wouldn't he also have enough good sense not to shout about it?
The new SHOUT ABOUT MUSIC and SHOUT ABOUT MUSIC Country Edition games from Parker Brothers, a division of Hasbro, Inc.
Building on the success of SHOUT ABOUT MOVIES, launched last year, SHOUT ABOUT MUSIC and SHOUT ABOUT MUSIC Country Edition feature an explosive game play style that tests players' knowledge of the music world.
SHOUT ABOUT MUSIC and SHOUT ABOUT TV invites 4 to 40 players to compete in two teams featuring "Shout Rounds," where players shout out answers and "Whisper Rounds," encouraging teams to huddle secretly to discuss strategies before giving a combined answer relating to music or television.
Shout About Movies is the must-have DVD party game that transforms an ordinary award show gathering into an unforgettable, extraordinary movie bash.
SHOUT ABOUT MOVIES(TM) Game (Discs 1-4) (Approximate Retail Price: $19.
Hasbro also builds on its leadership position in games with exciting introductions, such as SHOUT ABOUT MOVIES and the latest introduction for the popular TRIVIAL PURSUIT(R) brand, the SNL DVD edition based on the Emmy-award winning, late-night comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.
Those are the instructions to the new SHOUT ABOUT MOVIES game from Parker Brothers, a division of Hasbro, Inc.
LIVERPOOL actress Claire Sweeney had something to Shout about last night - the official opening of her latest production was a sell-out.