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Clr Jean Calvert, the council's cabinet member for Health, Wellbeing and Communities, said: "Jump and Shout provides young people with a unique opportunity to celebrate their achievements and show their family and friends the results of their involvement in dance classes.
At various times in the day, he will shout out "20-20" - an old military term - and the employees know to stop whatever they're doing and check the bathrooms, clean the counters and run the mop.
There are many shouts of "Allahu Akbar," or "God is great
Using our Shouter as an example, you might say something like: "Paula, when you shout like that, it disturbs the other residents and interrupts the staff.
So, gathering an army of artists from around the country and globe, he labored for more than a decade fashioning this sweeping psalmody of war chants, shouts, spirituals, hollers, ballads, children's songs, lullabies, minstrel tunes, chain-gang work songs, and blues melodies.
When people are on their way down a slide, they often shout for pure joy.
OJ Simpson was greeted with shouts of "murderer" as he arrived in Britain yesterday to appear on Richard and Judy's new ITV chat show.
So be proud you Coventrians, we're the best, most versatile, Don't doff your caps to your 'nouveaux riches' neighbours, But shout our pride, shout it out, shout loud, We have plenty to shout about, shout it, out loud
From @SCOTTAWHITTAKER: Heard a fellow Palace fan shout to the Crystal Girls cheerleaders: "I've liked your pictures on Instagram.
Now in its 11th year, It's My Shout is well-known for its national summer film and television training scheme.
The development of mobile Apps, like Shout Outz, are paving the way for immediate response and location based communications.
ONLINE and mobile specialists Shout Digital have created a new personalised training site and mobile app for the Great North Run.
Acting talent, including Charles Dale, Suzanne Packer and Richard Elis, will be rubbing shoulders with such sporting stars as Non Evans and Nathan Blake during the It's My Shout 10th anniversary awards gala.
The film called ABC Dad was shot by the students in and around Bangor, with help from the BBC and the It's My Shout project - a film industry training scheme which nurtures talent behind and in front of the camera Next Thursday, BBC Cymru Wales will be showing a special screening of the film in Bangor's Maesgeirchen Social Club, to everyone involved in its production.