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straight shooter

An honest and trustworthy person who is straightforward in dealings with others. Joe's a straight shooter—if he says that Alice is taking money out of the cash register, then I believe him. Sal's a real straight shooter. If you ask for his opinion, he'll tell you without trying to sugarcoat it.
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straight shooter

Fig. an honest person. I trust Mike; he's a straight shooter. We need a straight shooter in office who will work for the people rather than some lobbyists.
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n. someone who talks without thinking; someone who speaks very frankly. (see also shoot from the hip.) He’s just a loudmouthed hip-shooter. Pay no attention.

square shooter

n. an honest person. (see also straight shooter.) He wouldn’t do anything shabby. He’s a square shooter.
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straight shooter

n. an honest person. (see also straight arrow.) We need a straight shooter in office who will work for the people rather than some political party.
See also: shooter, straight
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Thus, if a weapon was discharged while the shooter was fleeing (or attempting to flee) a crime scene, for example, the event was placed in the Spontaneous category.
He also stated that accusations against Shooter will be reviewed under the rules in the policy and action will be taken accordingly.
A relatively new option for the average defensive shooter is 3-D humanoid targets.
Credit unions often have fire and tornado drills, but Green said they rarely have active shooter drills.
If taking action, you will need to defend yourself and incapacitate or stop the shooter by whatever means available.
The NSSF report draws comparisons between target shooters and hunters, both of which have seen higher participation rates in recent years.
In the special category reserved for shooters from the Middle East, the UAE's Obaid Bin Dahi is in the lead with 36 points followed by a trio of Kuwaiti shooters - Fahad Al Dhehani, Mohammad Nayaf Al Dhehani and Sd Al Mutairi.
Keep in mind, these shooters at one time were so popular that they would attract thousands of people to their exhibitions at county fairgrounds and arenas.
Investigators found that the shooter was legally growing the marijuana and that he did not possess more pot plants than allowable under Oregon law, Lewis said.
Indian shooter Tejaswini Sawant said such championships would help in promoting shooting as a game.
ISLAMABAD, July 22 -- Eight shooters from Pakistan will feature in the 50th ISSF World Shooting Championship to be held at Munich, Germany from July 29, secretary general National Rifle Association of Pakistan Javaid S Lohdi said on Wednesday.
Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters, by Peter Langman, Ph.
The use of sensor-based measures provides insight into exactly how a shooter is executing two of the three skills considered to be the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship.
1 percent 3-point shooter and the Lakers' big free-agent acquisition of the summer, as more than just a player good from 24 feet and beyond.