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straight shooter

An honest and trustworthy person who is straightforward in dealings with others. Joe's a straight shooter—if he says that Alice is taking money out of the cash register, then I believe him. Sal's a real straight shooter. If you ask for his opinion, he'll tell you without trying to sugarcoat it.
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straight shooter

Fig. an honest person. I trust Mike; he's a straight shooter. We need a straight shooter in office who will work for the people rather than some lobbyists.
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n. someone who talks without thinking; someone who speaks very frankly. (see also shoot from the hip.) He’s just a loudmouthed hip-shooter. Pay no attention.

square shooter

n. an honest person. (see also straight shooter.) He wouldn’t do anything shabby. He’s a square shooter.
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straight shooter

n. an honest person. (see also straight arrow.) We need a straight shooter in office who will work for the people rather than some political party.
See also: shooter, straight
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Credit unions often have fire and tornado drills, but Green said they rarely have active shooter drills.
Look around the immediate area, and determine which items may serve as a means to incapacitate the shooter.
He said in the written request they have sorted the help of the President NRA to save the future of the promising male and female shooters so that they should come and play at national and international levels.
The NSSF report draws comparisons between target shooters and hunters, both of which have seen higher participation rates in recent years.
About 1000 shooters are participating to compete in the event, as it gives a platform for young shooters to showcase their talent.
Peter Langman addresses the issue of rampage school shooters in his book Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters, taking an in-depth look at the profiles of 10 different school shooters through a psychological lens.
Then Max Joice tested the visiting keeper before both Hill and Shooter failed to convert one-on-one opportunities.
One event has the shooter looking almost straight down from about 30'.
Glen Cabarcas, were on a mid-stage, day contact flight (call sign Shooter 252) out of NAS North Whiting Field.
In one of two places: back to the shooter or on the off-side.
And by promoting some of the vast array of shooter recipes available, you can also facilitate the turnover of slower moving inventory and provide customers more ways to use standard brands.
Our survey of those shooters riding the crest of popularity include the Oatmeal Cookie (Goldschager, Jagermeister, an Irish cream like Baileys or Carolans and DeKuyper Buttershots Schnapps), the Cement Mixer, (Absolut Citron and an Irish cream like Baileys or Carolans); the Duck Fart (a layered shooter made with Kahlua, an Irish cream like Baileys or Carolans, and Crown Royal); and the Florida specialty Sammy Jager (equal parts of sambuca and Jagermeister).
The shooter apparently then moved to the front porch behind a column and fired two rounds as the sergeant arrived on the scene in his patrol vehicle.
After Shock retains its position as the UK's number one shooter and Sourz close behind in second place *.