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It is believed an air weapon was used to shoot the cat three times.
Strategies include the "naughty kitchen", which is like the naughty step but I send Mummy to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and pray she gets distracted by a load of frozen peas trapped underneath the freezer so she doesn't try to make me do "a nice jigsaw or a bit of quiet colouring" when all I want to do is charge around the lounge or chuck my toys from the top of the stairs or pretend to shoot the cat.
They're building the blind where we'll wait to shoot the cat," Duri replied.
I would shoot the cat if it sang as much out of tune as that," he told the shivering fans.
If cheetahs are harming the livestock, it is legal to shoot the cats despite the fact that they are endangered, Randle says.
Animal-lover Philip Ridgeway, of Penyffordd, near Mold, said Cllr David Willliams threatened to shoot the cats or abandon them in a forest.