shoot down

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shoot (someone or something) down

To reject, foil, or disappoint the aspirations of someone or something. I asked John out for a date, but he shot me down. The committee shot down our plans for a new apartment block. The candidate was able to shoot down each of his opponents' claims with indisputable proof.
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shoot (someone, something, or an animal) down

to bring down someone, something, or an animal by gunfire. Fred shot Mike down in the street. They shot down the plane.
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shoot something down

Fig. to foil a plan through criticism; to counter an idea with criticism. (Based on shoot someone, something, or an animal down.) He raised a good point, but the others shot him down almost immediately. Liz shot down Jeff's best idea.
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shoot down

1. Ruin the aspirations of, disappoint, as in Bill was hoping Sharon would go out with him, but she shot him down.
2. Reject, defeat; also, expose as false. For example, It was the best idea I could come up with, but they unanimously shot it down, or It was inevitable that they would shoot down any claim made by the opposing candidate. This colloquial expression, which alludes to bringing down an aircraft or game bird by shooting, is sometimes intensified as shoot down in flames, originally (in World War I) referring to bringing down enemy aircraft but the late 1950s extended to decisively defeating anyone or anything.
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shoot somebody/something ˈdown (in ˈflames)

(informal) be very critical of somebody’s ideas, opinions, suggestions, etc: I thought it was a brilliant idea, but she shot it down in flames.

shoot down

1. To cause something to collapse or fall by striking it with bullets, missiles, or some other projectile; gun down: They shot down the attacking airplanes. The kids released a balloon and shot it down with an air rifle.
2. To kill someone by shooting them; gun down: They stormed into the office and shot down everyone there. The assassin walked up to her target and shot him down.
3. To discredit someone or someone's proposal: Whenever I offer an opinion, they just shoot me down. The council shot down the mayor's proposal. I'm afraid this new evidence shoots down our old theory of what happened.
4. To ruin the aspirations of someone: Their sneers and insults shot me down. A bad critic can shoot down even a very determined artist.
5. To put an end to something; defeat something: The opposition was able to shoot down the proposal. The electorate shot the incumbent down.
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This means that aviation authorities will be given the power to shoot down the aircraft.
Army and the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD) have blazed a new trail in the history of defensive warfare by using the Army's Tactical High Energy Laser/Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator (THEL/ACTD), the world's first high-energy laser weapon system designed for operational use, to shoot down a rocket carrying a live warhead.
If you can shoot down [Soviet] boosters,' one Livermore official tells Broad, "it's equally plausible that you could shoot down [early warning] satellites.
A test originally planned for this year in which the aircraft would shoot down a missile target has been postponed.
The first airplane developed for the program is at Edwards for a series of tests highlighted by an attempt to shoot down a Scudlike missile in late 2004, possibility over the Pacific Ocean or at the White Sands missile range in New Mexico.
13, 1985, when Pearson became the first - and, thus far, only - pilot to shoot down a satellite in space.
color) An Air Force illustration shows how a laser mounted in the nose of a 747 airplane would shoot down an enemy ballistic missile.
Immediately after the Persian Gulf War, the Defense Department began looking for an anti-missile system more effective than the Patriot, which was an anti-aircraft missile modified to shoot down missiles.
The White House and Pentagon acknowledged Thursday that military pilots could be called upon to shoot down a commercial airline under terrorist control to prevent a repeat of the Sept.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - A laser-armed 747 designed to shoot down enemy missiles is likely to be based at Edwards Air Force Base if testing is successful and it goes into service, the base commander said.
Space-based missile defenses could shoot down nuclear missiles early, during their boost phase as their rocket engines are lifting them off the earth, Cheney said.
NATO warplanes shoot down two Yugoslav MiG-29 jet fighters in neighboring Bosnia - a dramatic spillover of the conflict over Kosovo outside Yugoslavia's borders.
In its resolution, the Security Council also condemned Iraq for threatening to shoot down U-2 surveillance planes, blocking inspections and hiding equipment during the current crisis and called Iraqi actions ``a threat to international peace and security.
But Iraq failed to make good on its threat to shoot down American U-2 surveillance flights over Iraq as the flights resumed Monday.
In any event, he was ordered to shoot down the plane.