shoot bolt

shoot your bolt

to use all your energy trying to do something, so that you do not have enough energy left to finish it (never in continuous tenses) By the end of the third lap it was obvious that she had shot her bolt, and the Canadian runner took the lead.
See also: bolt, shoot

shoot (one's) bolt

To do all within one's power; exhaust all of one's resources or capabilities.
See also: bolt, shoot
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Since it can be fitted into the active leaf, this prevents a collision with the shoot bolt, and therefore rules out any possibility of the door becoming jammed.
Tenders are invited for Emergency Window Grill With Shoot Bolt Arrangement To Icf Drg.
Make sure the main lock is in position, then place the shoot bolt down, mark around it, and then drill a 12mm hole wide enough for the bolt to enter.
It may be possible to upgrade to shoot bolt locking or SAC bolt locks for additional security.
Also look for multi-point locks which incorporate shoot bolt dead locks and security hinges.
The company uses Profile 22 PVC frames which have a number of benefits including high performance 70mm Upvc profile, fully A rated frames and double glazed units, four chambered profile fully sculptured, fully reinforced, six-point MACO shoot bolts and optional anti-jemmy blocks for extra peace of mind, internally beaded and doors fitted with eight-point locks with Yale six lever barrel.
Do crossbow shooters shoot bolts while vertical archers shoot arrows?
Friction hinges, security shoot bolts for doors, door-mounted ventilators and sash catches for windows are on offer and the company has been well positioned to take advantage of a new move back into chrome fittings.