fire blanks

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fire/shoot blanks

if a man is firing blanks, there is no sperm (= the cells which combine with the female's egg to start life) in his semen (= the liquid produced in the male sexual organs) (usually in continuous tenses) They had a series of fertility tests done and found out that basically Tony was firing blanks.
See also: blank, fire
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If your dog has been introduced to gunfire, you can also shoot blanks during this phase.
Davies was in no mood to celebrate his new deal after watching his strikeforce shoot blanks again - although Henri Lansbury found the target with a wonderful 30-yard strike for his fifth goal of the season.
To win, I believe Chelsea are going to have to score because Barcelona won't shoot blanks two games running.
European scientists working to stem the spread of malaria have come up with a unique solution--breeding mosquitoes that shoot blanks.
Dubai Imagine Norwich City holding their own against Barcelona and Real Madrid, while Manchester United and Chelsea shoot blanks, and you have some understanding of Emirates Club's remarkable achievement this season.
The threat is withdrawn on the closing of ranks, Protecting the leader, surrounded by tanks, Do the dirty work and never get thanks, Minions are there to always shoot blanks.
Faux-Rastafarians shoot blanks in a half-baked sequel to the free-form crime caper.
Put it this way, had the pair continued to shoot blanks as they had been for most of the previous month then the man getting it firmly in the neck would have been the Celtic manager.
Meanwhile, the Dodgers offense continued to mostly shoot blanks - thanks largely to three moments that would have loomed large if the team hadn't rallied late.
Also, is it OK to shoot blanks through the short barrel?
They shoot blanks,'' Queensland crocodile farmer John Lever told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.
While the men march and shoot blanks in muskets for park visitors, Stevens cooks, cleans and sews.
What's the point of existing if we choose to shoot blanks when the battles heat up?
There's no indication of the very likely possibility that this is just one of those unfortunate guys who shoot blanks, as any number of men have since time immemorial.
TV and movie industry armorers and prop men are responsible for converting all types of firearms to shoot blanks, and for maintaining the arms.