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shake the pagoda tree

dated To obtain or earn money very quickly and readily, especially in colonial India during its time as part of the British Empire. A pun referencing the pagoda, a gold coin formerly issued in various dynasties of southern India, and the Plumeria rubra, a deciduous plant commonly called the "pagoda tree." By securing illegal inside deals with politicians and local business authorities, Sir Fleetwood looked to shake the pagoda tree for everything it was worth.
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*all shook up

Sl. excited; disturbed and upset. (See also shook up.) (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) She stole my heart, and I'm all shook up. They were all shook up after the accident.
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shook up

upset; shocked. (See also all shook up.) Relax, man! Don't get shook up! I always get shook up when I see a bad accident.
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all shook up

Greatly disturbed or upset, as in His letter left her all shook up. This slangy idiom uses shook instead of the grammatically correct "shaken" (for "agitated") and adds all for emphasis. [Second half of 1900s]
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(all) shook up

mod. excited; disturbed; upset. They were pretty shook up after the accident.
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shook up

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I've been incredibly impressed with the 3Dsolve team and what they have accomplished in a short period of time," expressed Shook.
Both Lombardi and Shook join an already stellar advisory board that includes: Joichi Ito, founder and CEO of investment firm Neoteny Ltd.
Alan Keyes shook my hand without a glance, continuing to score verbal points with the man beside me as he made his way slowly through the crowd of Second Amendment aficionados in a Hudson shop called Pete's Gun and Tackle.
Gary Bauer - little Gary Bauer - looked grateful for the attention as he shook hands at the dais before delivering to Hillsborough County Republicans a crisp rationale for an uncompromising conservative's candidacy.
With six locations across the country, we needed to leverage a provider with national focus that could still provide us with a high level of service in our local offices," said Lisa Carpenter, Operations Manager for Shook, Hardy and Bacon.
In addition, Shook, Hardy and Bacon will receive consolidated invoicing and standard reporting.
Records indicate that seismic stations located on hard rock in this region also shook harder than normal for a magnitude 7.
The unusually intense waves shook only those stations located 50 to 100 km fromt he epicenter -- exactly the region where critical reflections theoretically should reach the surface, according to their calculations.
As in the 1906 quake, areas on landfills and soft soil shook the hardest.
The "Nova" hour, titled "The Day the Earth Shook," compares and contrasts the quakes that occurred a year apart on opposite sides of the world and were of similar magnitude - Northridge measured 6.