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The system, which includes both a ground detector circuit associated with the power supply and a ground leak detector probe located in the furnace, provides important protection against electrical shock and warning of metal-to-coil penetration [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED], a highly dangerous condition that could lead to a furnace eruption or explosion.
Guards estimated the number of shocks at between two and six.
Reviews of this literature suggest that there is little effect of an irrelevant appetitive drive manipulation on response-contingent shock motivated behavior (see Bolles, 1975, and Mackintosh, 1974, for reviews).
Key examples include the GW-300 (2002), equipped with radio-controlled and solar-powered technologies, the GW-9200 (2008), which can receive time-calibration radio signals from six stations worldwide, and the GW-4000 (2012), equipped with TRIPLE G RESIST technology to withstand shock, centrifugal force, and vibration.
Moorer contracted Miami, Florida-based invention assistance leader Write Concepts[TM] to represent the Shock Latch to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
In this scenario the study has four main objectives related to shocks, vulnerability and coping mechanism: (i) to highlight frequency and severity of different types of shocks that affected the households in 2006-2010; (ii) to examine the correlation structure of shocks at village level; (iii) to assess the probability of occurrence a shock by a multivariate analysis; and (iv) to analyse which type of households in rural Pakistan are more vulnerable to shocks in terms of a decline in their consumption during such disaster.
The introduction of Lemon Shandy marks the first seasonal rollout for the Shock Top family in 2012.
From approximately 10 feet on each side of the trussle and eight rows wide, we cut all the stalks, one armload at a time, carried them to the trussle and stood them upright against it, forming a round shock.
Compared with patients who had never been shocked by their ICDs, patients who'd had any ICD shock had a quadrupled risk for death from any cause in an analysis of data from the 719-patient Multicenter Automatic Defibrillator Implantation Trial II (MADIT II).
Anxiety and sadness increased and initiation of new activities decreased in patients who'd had a shock compared with no shocks, and the same was seen in patients with five or more shocks, compared with just one or no shocks, he said.
Michael Kammen's Visual Shock (Knopf) recounts America's major art controversies since the 1830s.
As a supersonic aircraft speeds along, it pushes aside air molecules with great force and forms a shock wave, much like a boat creates a bow wave.
Beyond the flame and flying debris, the scientists focus on the ephemeral supersonic shock waves that emanate from the blast.