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I have concluded, judging by all the shmaltzy (rhymes with Shmuley) pro-gay sentiments (except the one holdout, the Sephardic rabbi), that Judaism is going to hell in a handbasket--and deservingly so.
But I'm glad for those shoeboxes full of shmaltzy drivel.
At the end, she dedicated a reprise of the charttopper to Michael Jackson, which stayed just on the right side of being shmaltzy.
At the turn of March, its a pretty pointless, shmaltzy and predictable rom-com.
Sure, it's silly, shmaltzy fluff but this effects-laden love story has to be seen for the sinking scene alone.
But even Carrey at his eye-rolling dumbest would be preferable to the tiresome Mr Nice Guy he plays in this slice of touchy-feely Hollywood at its most shmaltzy.
In 1985 she scored a No 1 in England with the sentimental Only Love, the theme tune to the shmaltzy blockbuster mini-series Mistral's Daughter.