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scared shitless

extremely frightened I was scared shitless when I first moved out here, but things still worked out fine in the end.
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be scared shitless

  (British, American & Australian taboo) also be scared shit (American taboo)
to be very frightened I was woken by the sound of someone moving around downstairs - I was scared shitless!
See run scared
See also: scare, shitless

scared shitless

mod. very frightened. (Potentially offensive. Use caution with shit.) He wasn’t just frightened. He was scared shitless!
See also: scare, shitless
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At the second meeting, Maguire tells Will that for all his smugness and book learning, he is just a "cocky, scared shitless kid" who has "never dared to love anyone more than yourself .
Marcus's inability to know himself, and thus his inability to achieve any meaningful agency--he describes himself as "scared shitless .
It's party girl Emma who says, "I'm bored shitless with my life at the moment.
In the words of one resident, "blacks were scared shitless because they knew there were about 150 mad people carrying guns prowling around their neighborhoods" (Ibid.
The paper would hit your doorstep, and you would get it with a cup of coffee in your hand, and you were scared shitless," he remembers.
I've got an aging mother who's unilingual and scared shitless by all this.
The "Electric Whale" 's immensity drives the flight deck people nuts, and its age-it's from the early 1950s--scares everybody shitless.
I'm in a garden near the ocean in the sunny South of France, stretched out in a comfortable chair, with a book I've always wanted to read sittin' open on my lap, a table at my side, a brandy snifter filled with cognac, in a place where I'm nobody but one motherfuckin' rich black man, and I've fallen off to sleep, and over the lawn comes the little French housekeeper, and she askes me in French what I'd like to have for lunch, and I don't answer, and she asks again, and comes closer, and puts her pretty, warm hand on my forehead, and she realizes that I've died and she's scared shitless and a little bell rings and she runs back to the house callin' for her husband the cook.
Did the Iron Maiden posters on your cousin's bedroom walls, which you've said scared you shitless, have a big effect on the music you make today?