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Market forecast of Chinas harbour shipping industry, 2006
Meanwhile, the shipping industry has questioned the modeling techniques used to calculate health risks and maintains that CARB's risk estimates are flawed.
We are assuming to a very great degree that the major shipping lines and lines our customers use will be diligent ha protecting the venture they're helping us to undertake," said David Drake, vice president of ocean cargo for Zurich North America's marine unit.
We believe customs procedures should be done at the port of origin and destination," says Charles Langman, a shipping agent and also vice president of the country's private sector chamber of shipping.
An unsliced fillet, 2 to 2 1/2 pounds, is $55 including shipping.
Just in time for the holidays, the new DHL Shipping Spot installed this month at the NBC Experience Store comprises a self service counter, and user-friendly touch screen interface for the customer to pack, weigh, label and ship their DHL package.
A Midwestern-based ferrous scrap merchant notes that while export shipping is a "big headache" now, it has always carried problems.
BackWeb, a San Jose-based company with offices in New York, Israel and Germany, and an existing Pointandship customer, recently added Shippoint to its Pointandship Viewpoint platform in order to increase efficiencies and manage the company's total shipping costs.
During the peak shipping season and throughout the year, our number one priority is to keep 'Customer Service Back in Shipping,'" said John Cameron, Executive Vice President of Operations for DHL USA.
CROWLEY MARITIME'S SALE OF ITS South American shipping service to German company HamburgSud more than a year ago ended a tradition for U.
DALLAS -- A national program designed to increase awareness of consumers and businesses about the risks related to shipping dangerous goods has been launched by the largest trade association representing private mail and parcel shipping centers.
And with the cargo boom through the middle 1990s, many shipping lines found it easier to call in Brazil, especially at the port of Santos, before sailing south to Argentina.
The Company also announced that it has now completed the transfer of the technical management of its LPG fleet to three of the world's major marine services groups, Anglo-Eastern and Wallem of Hong Kong, and Hanseatic Shipping of Cyprus.
Shipping lines threatened to skip the waterway because of a rate increase for passage.