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Thanks for all Shining Star actions by Abbey, Ally, Aurelia, Broghan, Carmen, Caroline, Carrie, Charlotte, Ellie, Emma, Gandalf, Kate, LeelooCat, Laye, Liberty, Lola, Maggie, Marine, Melina, Quincy, Scarlett, Sofia, Sophia, and Sophie.
And a Munchausen's-by-Proxy mother in a shining bucket can be a
Danny eventually meets the 12-year-old Abra Stone, whose shining is "the brightest ever seen" and together they're forced to fight off a "terrifying tribe of quasi-immortal beings.
Griffiths denied shining the laser at the helicopter.
You are the shining stars of the American Dental Assistants Association.
Burnett's granddaughter, Lily (Mara Wilson), comes to visit him from the Big City and winds up in Shining Time by mistake, thereby getting enlisted by Mr.
As I walked across the courtyard, I could see the debris that still cluttered the area: a memento of the Shining Path's bomb.
Dressed in the striped garb of a keystone convict, Abimael Guzman, leader of the infamous Peruvian Shining Path terrorist movement, remained defiant, even menacing, after his arrest.
Shining has developed this system for several years and it is currently used worldwide in the company's award-winning line of CitiDISK[TM] recorders.
is reportedly considering the idea of producing a prequel to Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror classic "The Shining.
Louise Day in front of her 50ft projection shining onto the side of Cardiff City Hall
Joe Barnard, who plays Norman, was honored with a Shining Star Award last year for his appearance as Daddy Warbucks in ``Annie.
Density determines the polymer's refractive power, so shining different amounts of light on adjacent parts of the lens creates a gradation.
com to Check Out the 'Time to Shine' Contest, Exciting New Games and Activities and Brand New Shining Stars Characters
Shining' ambition: Amy Madigan will co-star in HBO's most ambitious movie ever, ``A Bright Shining Lie,'' which is budgeted at $13 million, according to sources.