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hang out (one's) shingle

To start a business of some kind. I'd be glad to take on your case—after years at that law firm, I'm finally hanging out my shingle.
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hang out one's shingle

Open an office, especially a professional practice, as in Bill's renting that office and hanging out his shingle next month. This American colloquialism dates from the first half of the 1800s, when at first lawyers, and later also doctors and business concerns, used shingles for signboards.
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hang out your shingle

begin to practise a profession. North American
The main and oldest sense of shingle is ‘a wooden roofing tile’, but in the early 19th century the word developed the more general sense of ‘a piece of board’, while in the USA it also acquired the particular meaning ‘a small signboard’. Literally, hanging out your shingle refers to hanging up a sign that advertises your profession.
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hang out/up your ˈshingle

(American English, informal) start to do business from your home, especially as a doctor or a lawyer: After graduating, he decided to hang out a shingle as a consultant.
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shit on a shingle

n. creamed chipped beef on toast. (see also creamed foreskins. Military. Usually objectionable.) Oh, no, it’s shit on a shingle again tonight.
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A friend of my mine had shingles and was in so much pain, I don't want to get it.
James Sapirstein, CEO of ContraVir, commented, "We are pleased to enroll the first patient in the Phase 3 study and to move forward in our efforts to develop treatment options for patients with shingles and acute shingles-associated pain.
So Kusher looked into ways to make shingles reflect more light.
Caused by the same virus that causes the chickenpox, a shingles rash is often preceded by several days of pain in the same area of skin, Oxman says.
Shingles is a viral infection that causes a painful rash.
Older individuals were less affected, but shingles increased their risk of a heart attack by 10 per cent and of a "mini-stroke" by 15 per cent.
It found that, 10 years after vaccination, the overall incidence rate of shingles had increased from about 4/1,000 person-years to 11/1,000 person-years.
Assume the same facts in the above example, but instead Z replaces the wooden shingles with asphalt shingles that are maintenance flee, have a better fire rating and a 50-year warranty.
People aged 70 and 79 will be offered a shingles vaccination this year, as part of a vaccination programme to reduce the incidence and severity of shingles disease in older people.
A Shingles is caused by the same virus - herpes varicella zoster - and is basically a reappearance of chickenpox, which can occur many years after the original infection.
About 30 percent of elderly in the United States suffer from shingles and medical science currently has no specified treatment for it.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Findings of a new study showed that vaccination for shingles isn't foolproof but it beats the no-shot alternative, reducing the risk of the painful, itching disease by more than half.
SHINGLES is caused by the same virus as chickenpox - everyone who has had chickenpox is at risk of developing shingles.
DRUGS prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis can increase the risk of shingles, a study has shown.