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hang out (one's) shingle

To start a business of some kind. I'd be glad to take on your case—after years at that law firm, I'm finally hanging out my shingle.
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hang out one's shingle

Open an office, especially a professional practice, as in Bill's renting that office and hanging out his shingle next month. This American colloquialism dates from the first half of the 1800s, when at first lawyers, and later also doctors and business concerns, used shingles for signboards.
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hang out your shingle

begin to practise a profession. North American
The main and oldest sense of shingle is ‘a wooden roofing tile’, but in the early 19th century the word developed the more general sense of ‘a piece of board’, while in the USA it also acquired the particular meaning ‘a small signboard’. Literally, hanging out your shingle refers to hanging up a sign that advertises your profession.
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hang out/up your ˈshingle

(American English, informal) start to do business from your home, especially as a doctor or a lawyer: After graduating, he decided to hang out a shingle as a consultant.
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shit on a shingle

n. creamed chipped beef on toast. (see also creamed foreskins. Military. Usually objectionable.) Oh, no, it’s shit on a shingle again tonight.
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Although you may have a leak that drips down from what appears to be the center of the shingled area, or what's known as ``the field,'' more than likely the leak is occurring elsewhere.
A landscaped rooftop also captures some 50 percent of the rainfall that washes off a shingled roof.
Shingled Roofs - Shingles on manufactured homes wear out quickly, generally within 7 to 9 years, and it is critical to check shingles often for damage, especially after a storm.
One structure was shingled with western redcedar (WRC) shingles and the other two structures with prototype wood-thermoplastic composite (WTPC) shingles (Figs.
Our results may also have implications for the overall energy costs associated with buildings shingled with the types of materials studied.
When additional moisture gathers on the shingled area of the roof, it is unable to run off due to the &uot;dam&uot; at the gutter line and it can become a frozen layer on the shingled surface that can back up towards the roof.