take a fancy to

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take a fancy to (someone or something)

To have or develop a fondness for or inclination toward something or someone; to be attracted to or desire someone or something. I think Jennifer has taken a fancy to my friend Tommy, so I'm going to try to set them up on a date! I never used to like raisins as a kid, but I've taken a fancy to them as I've grown older.
See also: fancy, take

take a fancy to someone or something

 and take a liking to someone or something; take a shine to someone or something
to develop a fondness or a preference for someone or something. John began to take a fancy to Sally late last August at the picnic. I've never taken a liking to cooked carrots. I think my teacher has taken a shine to me.
See also: fancy, take

take a fancy to

Also, take a liking or shine to . Be attracted to someone or something, as in They took a fancy to spicy foods after their Mexican vacation, or I'm hoping he'll take a liking to the water, now that we have a cottage on a lake, or We think Bill's taken a shine to Betsy. The first term was first recorded in 1541, the first variant in 1570, and the last, a colloquialism, in 1850.
See also: fancy, take

take a ˈfancy to somebody/something

(especially British English) begin to like somebody/something; be attracted by somebody/something: He’s taken quite a fancy to Chinese cooking.She’s taken a fancy to one of the team.
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The episode ends with Tariq (Morocco Omari) trying to get Shine to turn on Lucious.
One media executive, echoing others who said they preferred the approachable Shine to the mercurial Ailes, put it this way: "If I had to call Roger, I'd call Bill if I could.
The original term bootblack or shoeblack originated in the 1800's and were so called because dress shoes were almost always black and had a shine to them.
Peel's Managing Director, Mr Rob Tyson, said the Company was very pleased to add Rise and Shine to its exploration portfolio.
Ultra Shine: With the glossy glow of allureLight reflecting polymers give the ultimate, glossy shine to your lips.
2: La Liz has no intention of giving up her independence at Shine to join News Corp.
It must be remembered the authorities at the Lourdes and some staff wrote letters of support of Shine to make it more difficult for the brave men who did make complaints.
IT'S become one of the biggest draws for committed clubbers both here and abroad and now the time has finally come for Belfast's legendary nightclub Shine to begin releasing records.
The lip shine, which comes in snazzy recycled aluminum packaging, has an attractive shine to it and can be applied on its own or over lip colour, with your finger or with a brush.
The spokesman says the new superhold hair spray adds healthy-looking shine to hair and holds all day long without stiffness or flaking.
the university now has a hand in a separate business entity that will begin providing SHINE to doctors outside the Stanford community.
the university now has a hand in a separate business that will begin providing SHINE to doctors outside the Stanford community.