shift ground

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shift one's ground

Fig. to change one's opinions or arguments, often without being challenged or opposed. At first Jack and I were on opposite sides, but he suddenly shifted ground and started agreeing with me. Jim has very fixed views. You won't find him shifting his ground.
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shift your ground

if you shift your ground in an argument or a discussion, you start to express a different opinion He's impossible to argue with because he keeps shifting his ground.
See Move arse!
See also: ground, shift
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When in 1640-41 defeat forced Charles to shift ground most dramatically, Donald's search for such moderate Scottish "counsel" necessarily peters out, mainly because Charles was by-passed by his Scottish and English parliaments, and negotiations with the Scots were taken over by the English Councillor Bristol -- whose success, over several months, in leading the king down the paths of concession (ostensibly the one success for "moderate" counsels in this period) is largley unexplained here.
Faced with nearly solid opposition from Senate Democrats, Boland has left open the possibility of accepting the council's position - prompting Ferraro and Deaton to shift ground.