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take a shellacking

1. To be thoroughly beaten or thrashed; to suffer rough treatment or abuse. My younger brother was always a shy, skinny kid who often took a shellacking from schoolyard bullies. My feet have taken a shellacking from hiking in these old sneakers.
2. To be soundly defeated or bested; to lose by a wide margin. Their team's inexperience showed on the pitch today, as they took a shellacking from the powerful squad from New Zealand.
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1. Fig. a physical beating. (*Typically: get ~; take ~; give someone ~.) The boxer took a shellacking and lost the fight. I got a shellacking when I broke the window.
2. Fig. a beating—as in sports. (*Typically: get ~; take ~; give someone ~.) Our team played well, but got a shellacking anyway. I practiced my tennis game so I wouldn't take a shellacking in the tournament.
See also: shellac


n. a beating. We gave them a shellacking they’ll never forget.
See also: shellac
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In their most recent shellacking at the hands of the Quakes, JetHawks starter Sam Smith (5-5) was chased from the game in an eight-run fifth, when Rancho Cucamonga snapped a 3-3 game.
So when Wells gave up a season-high 10 earned runs Wednesday in an 11-2 shellacking by the Chicago White Sox, an outing that further deepened the New York Yankees' concerns over their starting pitching, it didn't come as a shock that pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre called Wells out for his unwillingness to throw between starts.
ADELANTO - Chris Snyder and Jay Garthwaite each completed three-fourths of the cycle for the JetHawks on Wednesday in a 17-5 shellacking of High Desert at Maverick Stadium.
Take away a 13-run shellacking of New York Mets rookie Jason Roach, who was making his major-league debut, and the Angels scored 10 runs in five games on their recently concluded homestand.
But there is real heart beneath the movie's thick shellacking of lost man-child sensitivity, and generally terrific acting that makes matters credible.
So it came to that, an absolute shellacking for which you just might suspect the Bruins would be eager to makes amends.