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In addition to extending the shelf life of dairy products, HPP treatment provides advantages over conventional processes due to its speed (a cycle takes about six minutes compared to traditional sterilization processes which takes an hour or more).
Bulk mayonnaise or salad dressing emulsion bases have a non-refrigerated shelf life of over six months.
The influence of ingredients on product stability and shelf life
As suggested by the Can Manufacturers Institute, processing solutions typically require complementing packaging in order to deliver their full shelf life benefits.
If there is a future date listing, and your materiel was stored using proper storage standards, then the QSL test results are your authority to extend the materiel's shelf life.
Their first study examined the addition of preservatives to extend the product's shelf life.
Food researchers at Teagasc and biochemists at the National University of Ireland in Galway have developed a baking method which increases the shelf life of a loaf by two days.
Bottle wall-thickness data captured by the PETWallplus system is analyzed by the M-Rule software and used to map material utilization in relation to shelf life for the bottles being produced.
Scientists working for HRI are conducting a comprehensive four-year study funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to investigate the factors that determine the shelf life of broccoli.
Shelf life is the period of time between the freshening or milling operation when the compound becomes too firm to efficiently extrude.
Last year, Canadian scientists reported plans to fashion chitin-based coatings to extend the shelf life of fruits (SN: 6/25/88, p.
com/research/fe809f/advances_in_shelf) has announced the addition of the "Advances in Shelf Life Technology for the Food Industry - 2009 Edition" report to their offering.
Bacterial spoilage has been the most limiting factor in extending the shelf life of conventionally pasteurized high-temperature short-time processed fluid milk products beyond a little more than two weeks.
As a result, ingredient manufacturers are blending different antioxidants that prolong the shelf life of food products.