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Those who shed crocodile tears over the Syrian civilians have never said a word about the crimes perpetrated by the US-led international coalition in Raqqa and complete destruction of the city, Mikdad added, wondering if the US and its allies have ever delivered a piece of bread to the city, treated the injured people or dismantled mines.
The western countries shed crocodile tears on their tools of terrorists in Eastern Ghouta, but not on our people," Sousan said.
But maybe due to wrong briefing, or due to anger and confusion, some of our own people and leaders have jumped in to shed crocodile tears for him on RaGa's (Rahul Gandhi) elevation,"Sinha said in a series of tweets.
Long before Aguirre, Acosta and the VACC shed crocodile tears for Kian, Carl Angelo, and Kulot, Bishop Ambo has already attended the wake and said Mass to countless victims of the Caloocan Death Squad in his diocese.
Along with Zoe Boyle's elegant Joanna this good actor managed to get every word across and so the audience laughed when it should and shed crocodile tears when the words demanded it.
Wear your poppy with pride for them, but please don't shed crocodile tears for The Fallen because you might as well weep for Waterloo.
Redcar and Cleveland Council will claim that they want to do the best for the unemployed steel industry workers in their constituency but I predict that the council will do nothing towards building the road and will merely shed crocodile tears for these desperate people, despite their protestations to the contrary claiming a whole host of reasons why it cannot be done.
Rivals and opponents will not shed crocodile tears.
GLOBE PHOTO By Gazi Hassan Last week, one of the leaders of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Duran Kalkan, on (Med News) channel, called for dividing the Kurdistan Region into several pieces; shed crocodile tears for Ezidie Kurds; and attacked a certain official political party.
They are happily living in the comforts of their huge mansions and shed crocodile tears every now and then during press conferences and television appearances.
Muftis and Abdullahs have no right to shed crocodile tears over a statement of a minister of state in the PMO.
Mick and Mairead >Philpott shed crocodile tears at a press conference after the fire that killed six of their children
Many of those who now shed crocodile tears on Mandela's death, said during the apartheid regime that we were fighting a lost cause.
The funniest part is that they have helped several foreign countries let loose false propaganda against Bahrain and shed crocodile tears, crying over 'human rights' violations.
It would be highly hypocritical for Labour politicians to shed crocodile tears during the strike: they sat on their hands as the sell-off was arranged.