(one) won't bite (someone)

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(one) won't bite (someone)

Someone has no reason to be afraid of one; someone should not be shy about approaching or talking to one. Don't worry, child, I won't bite. I just wanted to give you a message to pass along to your father. This is your Uncle Jack, son. Well, go on and shake his hand, he won't bite you.
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won't bite

Is not threatening or does not need to be a subject of caution; is friendly. The phrase is typically used as an assurance to a child who is wary of something or someone. You can ask Mr. Caruthers. Go on, he won't bite. Hi there, what's your name? Don't worry, I won't bite!
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I, etc. won’t ˈbite (you)

(humorous) used to tell somebody that they do not need to be afraid of somebody: You should tell your teacher that you don’t understand — she won’t bite you!
See also: bite
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She tries to joke that she won't bite but nobody laughs.
She won't bite on the questions, says she doesn't want to put the energy into a head-on confrontation.
Desperate to fix things, Paul suggests to Diana that they work together to take over Lassiter's, but she won't bite.
She must be missing her son and, if you offer friendship, with a little luck she won't bite your head off and you can start afresh.
With a gormless look on their faces they're always ready with that time-honoured cliche, 'Don't worry, she won't bite.