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Still, she figures that it might be a good way to get crucial information from Lydia.
But instead of complaining about it, she figures she could start over with new drawings.
She figures it out, though, and along the way begins to receive letters from her mother, letters that lead Evie toward the secrets in her mothers past.
When mysterious new boy Ricky Bell arrives, all strong silences and moody attitude, she figures they'd make a great team.
I guess she figures any friends--even if they don't cackle, crow or sport feathers are better than no friends at all.
She Figures 2012 is the fourth publication of a key set of indicators to help understand the position of women in science and research.
This is because she figures the exercise of power to hinge upon the union of language and the law, which excludes the mute inhuman.
Carmen is encouraged by her new teacher, Senora Coski's terrible sounding attempts to speak Spanish to her because she figures her teacher will not laugh at her first stumbling attempts to learn and speak English.
She figures that if it works for her it will work for others.
The strategies she outlines are most appropriate for adolescents and adults, and are oriented toward individual therapy situations, but she figures her colleagues are clever enough to fit them for other occasions.
She figures every woman needs a bit of 'choccie' now and then.
When a girl sees a guy with a pretty girl, she figures there must be a reason for it and wants to be in that girl's place.
She figures this makes her partial owner of her father's field and water buffalo.
Slowly she figures out how to get on the horse's back to ride.
She figures she's lost and regained more than 100 pounds over the years on at least six diets.