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world shattering

Totally and completely surprising, with the sense that whatever is described as such is shocking enough to change one's view of the world. However, the phrase is often used hyperbolically. Finding out that my dad isn't my biological father has been completely world shattering. I don't know who to trust anymore. A: "Oh my God, did you hear the world shattering news?" B: "Yeah, I can't believe that Sue is leaving the company. It won't be the same without her!"
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hardly earth-shattering

Not surprising. Greg has been staying late at the office regularly for months, so it's hardly earth-shattering news that he was chosen for the big promotion.
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dash/shatter somebody’s ˈhopes

destroy somebody’s hopes of doing or getting something: Any hopes that the museum would be built this year were dashed yesterday when the council announced its plans to spend less money on the arts.His poor performance in the exam shattered his hopes of becoming a lawyer.
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The cracks build up until the glass finally shatters into small fragments.
All tempered glass derives its high strength and its tendency to shatter explosively from the forces between its atoms.
Wireless subscribers and operators have been waiting years for a technology breakthrough that shatters the barriers to usability, encouraging the widespread adoption of sophisticated mobile applications that are easy to use.
Entropia III also shatters previous performance and power records by providing 28 GMACs of DSP processing and 1 GOP of network processing at under 3 milliwatts per channel for a complete solution.
This shatters all previous notions of what can be accomplished from challenging airfields.