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a problem shared is a problem halved

Talking about a problem with someone else usually makes it seem less daunting or troubling. Just tell me what's bothering you, honey. You know what they say—a problem shared is a problem halved.
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lion's share of something

Fig. the largest portion of something. I earn a lot, but the lion's share goes for taxes. The lion's share of the surplus cheese goes to school cafeterias.
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one's fair share

the amount of something that one is due relative to what other people are receiving. Let him take more. He didn't get his fair share. I want my fair share. You cheated me! Give me some more!
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share and share alike

Cliché having or taking equal shares. I kept five and gave the other five to Maryshare and share alike. The two roommates agreed that they would divide expensesshare and share alike.
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share someone's pain

to understand and sympathize with someone's pain or emotional discomfort. (Said in order to sound sympathetic.) I am sorry about the loss of your home. I share your pain. We sympathize about the loss of your mother. We share your pain.
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share someone's sorrow

to grieve as someone else grieves. We all share your sorrow on this sad, sad day. I am sorry to hear about the death in your family. I share your sorrow.
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Thank you for sharing.

Inf. a sarcastic remark made when someone tells something that is unpleasant, overly personal, disgusting, or otherwise annoying. Thank you for sharing. I really need to hear about your operation. Thank you for sharing, Bob. I hope your parents' divorce goes well.
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trouble shared is a trouble halved

Prov. If you tell someone about a problem you are having, or request someone's help with a problem, the problem will not seem so daunting. (Can be used to encourage someone to confide in you or ask for your help.) Jill: Is something wrong? You've seemed so depressed lately. Jane: Oh, I wouldn'twant to bother you with it. Jill: Don't be silly. A trouble shared is a trouble halved, remember.
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do your share

to do what is expected of you to help Taxpayers in this town are already doing their share and more, and we're asking the state to do their part. With everybody on the team doing their share, it's fun to be a part of it.
Related vocabulary: do your bit
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have your share of something

to have enough of something My husband and I have had our share of job changes and periods of unemployment in recent years.
Usage notes: sometimes, for emphasis, used in the form have more than your share (have too much): This community has more than its share of kids in trouble.
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have had more than your fair share of something

to have had more of something unpleasant than other people when you do not deserve it Jane's had more than her fair share of bad luck recently, what with losing her job and getting divorced.
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the lion's share

the biggest part of something The lion's share of the museum's budget goes on special exhibitions.
See beard in den
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Share and share alike.

something that you say which means that it is good to share things fairly and equally Come on now, don't keep them all to yourself - share and share alike.
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lion's share

The greater part or most of something, as in Whenever they won a doubles match, Ethel claimed the lion's share of the credit, or As usual, Uncle Bob took the lion's share of the cake. This expression alludes to Aesop's fable about a lion, who got all of a kill because its fellow hunters, an ass, fox, and wolf, were afraid to claim their share. [Late 1700s]
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share and share alike

Mete out or partake of something equally, as in Mom told the children to share and share alike with their Halloween candy. This term, first recorded about 1566, alluded to the equal apportioning of spoils and soon was broadened to include equal sharing in the costs of a venture and other undertakings or possessions.
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share in

To have a share or part in something: When the company began to make money, everyone working there shared in the profits.
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lion’s share

n. the largest portion. I earn a lot, but the lion’s share goes for taxes.
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lion's share

The greatest or best part.
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go shares

To be concerned or partake equally or jointly, as in a business venture.
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