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After each pay parade, we would first have to donate to the Regimental Cenotaph Fund, after which we would be marched to the dry canteen to buy haircut tickets, polish, shammy cloths, soap, toothpaste, etc, Alter that I would treat myself to a real pack of cigarettes, as opposed to the tobacco and papers we normally used to roll our own.
The carmel-colored Shammy was so wild he could barely be touched when Hill, 71, began training him.
The poly-material shammy allows the user to apply soap, shower gel or sunscreen into a refillable pocket and apply to the back and lower back with ease.
Unfortunately Phil Morgan, the owner of Shammy Buskins, who is 94, has not been well either.
In the next 10 minutes, Winslow interjects his conversation with a range of sounds - he demonstrates two different Japanese accents, replicates the squeak of shammy leather on a car window and does a mean floppy disk being flexed.
They released two UK singles, What's The Matter Baby/Your Loving Ways and This Is Love/You Could Be Fun, and made one US-only release, My Girl/Shimmy Shammy Jangle.
A soft leather shammy can really make nails shine and is a good alternative to polish.
Who can forget (as hard as we might try) such recent gems as Built for Pleasure, beaten 16 lengths in the Flamingo Stakes before running dead last in the 1996 Derby; Shammy Davis, beaten by 12 in the Lexington Stakes before running next-to-last in 1997; Nationalore, winless in 14 starts before running ninth in 1998; Arctic Boy, 11th in the Arkansas Derby before running 12th in 2001, and It'sallinthechase, ninth in Arkansas before running 16th in 2002?
BENJAMIN FOULKES started off at the age of 15 with a shammy leather, a ladder and a bucket.
MSI") (Nasdaq: MACE) today announced that it has acquired Shammy Man Car Wash of Phoenix, Arizona as well as the completion of the previously announced acquisition of Classic 50's Car Wash of Lubbock, Texas.
He's been brilliant on one of our horses, Shammy Buskins, and with his owner, Phil Morgan.
25/min Aquarius LET'S GO PARTY Jan 21 to Feb 19 At the Copa, Copacabana - you go Aquarius, shake your shammy like you just don't care
Had his shammy leather not descended into the bucket without apparent damage?