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on shaky ground

Questionable or lacking support, as of an idea. His hypothesis has been on shaky ground to since the beginning, so I'm not surprised that he couldn't prove it in the lab.
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on shaky ground

 and on dangerous ground
Fig. [of an idea or proposal] on an unstable or questionable foundation; [of an idea or proposal] founded on a risky premise. When you suggest that we are to blame, you are on shaky ground. There is no evidence that we are at fault. The case for relying solely on nuclear energy seems to be on dangerous ground.
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n. a camera, used mainly in advertisements and documentaries, that is shaken and moved constantly to create a sense of excitement, urgency, or crisis. We can’t afford much in the way of costumes for the sequence, so we will use the shaky-cam and shoot it in dim light.
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The European challenge looked at its shakiest when all but McDowell and Henrik Stenson fell behind to their opponents.
He got on about 15-minutes later in the shakiest voice, like, "I've never seen anything like that before in my 30 years of flying.
Pangs lively articulation of the trajectory of a growing art form from the shakiest of beginnings to full maturity, from resistance to acceptance, coincides with four distinct waves of immigration represented by groups and individuals such as Hong Took Tong, Mei Lanfang, Jackie Chan and Yuen Wo-Ping, and Qi She Fang.
Even though Jefferson said he had no proof to back his allegations, Dirceu resigned shortly after the deposition, leaving Lula in his shakiest political state since coming to office in 2003.
In fact, the shakiest dictionaries are the quickest to react.
TWO tries from Ben Cohen finally anchored the shakiest of victories for England on an afternoon when a howling gale played blow football with everything not nailed down at Twickenham.
It all leaves England with the shakiest of batting foundations,an inexperienced set of pace bowlers, Hussain with a broken toe and unlikely to be fit for the final Test at The Oval and a captain trying to find his leadership feet.
Last night we witnessed the best of Henman in an imperious first set, the shakiest of Henman in a second set tie-break, the most extraordinary see-saw set in the third and a crushing denouement in the fourth.
All of us working in Mexico realize this can be the most volatile of markets and the shakiest of terrain upon which to build.
It's a fundamental reason why this segment struggles more than most, why its vendor base is the shakiest of any home classification and why the big retailers have more leverage here than anyplace else.
Now Owen is back from his latest hamstring injury and primed for a run at what many believe is the shakiest United defence in years.
He managed to win, albeit on the shakiest of five-to-four majorities.
The Diocese of Cariboo, currently on the shakiest financial ground (See related story on page 3), is facing bankruptcy, but Bishop James Cruickshank said there was also concern about the survival of the national church.
In her 96 years, she had come to know, with a conviction that came through even the shakiest voice, that God was with her now as God had always been with her.