shake the foundations of

shake the foundations of something

to cause a person or organization to question the truth of something it strongly believed For a time his grief over his son's death shook the foundations of his religious faith.
See also: foundation, of, shake
References in classic literature ?
Grant was speaking, a flash, which sent its quivering light through the gloom, laying bare the whole opposite horizon, was followed by a loud crash of thunder, that rolled away among the hills, seeming to shake the foundations of the earth to their centre.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: A genetic discovery related to King Richard III threatened to shake the foundations of the Tudor dynasty and raised a question mark over Queen Elizabeth II's royal heritage.
He anticipated that if the government did not withdraw the tax it would embolden money laundering and flight of capital leading to shake the foundations of the country' seconomy.
He said the greatest ever public force will leave from KPK on 30th which will shake the foundations of corrupt political setup.
Countries around the world are exposed to extraneous cultural influences that shake the foundations of humanitarian and religious values because of the dissemination of irresponsible media content," he said.
As President Bush said shortly after 9/11, "Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America.
Obscenity laden laughter burst all of a sudden and their after shocks shake the foundations of decadency terribly, said a group of residents.
It brings to light a theory that the Taliban are profiting from a suspected double game of negotiating with the US forces, while killing innocent Afghan civilians in a bid to shake the foundations of President Hamid Karzai's government, which is under pressure.
Hester, Bechtolsheimer and Dujardin starred when Britain won its first European title in Rotterdam last summer, and subsequent performances have continued to shake the foundations of world dressage.
The Taliban are a 40000 strong force, and1700 men surrendering will surely not shake the foundations of the deep-rooted fundamentalist organization.
NNA - 18/06/2011 The clashes of Bab Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohssen Friday reveal the vicious plot hatched by Bashar Assad's regime to shake the foundations of Lebanon's stability, according to MP Mohammad Kabbara, who added Saturday to his Tripoli office visitors that a serious and transparent investigation must be held to uncover true identity of culprits.
Participants also argued that the great Arab Revolution, which began in Tunisia to shake the foundations of dictatorship in several Arab countries, " is the only voice for freedom, unity and building of a democratic and socialist State.
It is not just a risk to the political process but it is a risk which could yet shake the foundations of the peace process itself.
But the repercussions of the deal will shake the foundations of cricket.
So it was no huge surprise to see a fair bit of coverage given a couple of weeks ago to the discovery of a Gospel of Judas, which was (naturally) going to shake the foundations of traditional belief by giving an alternative version of the story of the passion and resurrection.