shake down

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shake someone down

1. to blackmail someone. (Underworld.) Fred was trying to shake Jane down, but she got the cops in on it. The police chief was trying to shake down just about everybody in town.
2. to put pressure on someone to lend one money. We tried to shake down Max for a few hundred, but no deal. If you're trying to shake me down, forget it. I have no cash.
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shake down somebody

also shake somebody down
to get money from someone by using threats His crimes ranged from murder to shaking down gamblers. He claimed that a government official shook his company down for $10,000 in campaign contributions.
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shake down

1. Extort money from, as in They had quite a racket, shaking down merchants for so-called protection. [Slang; second half of 1800s]
2. Make a thorough search of, as in They shook down all the passengers, looking for drugs. [Slang early 1900s]
3. Subject a new vehicle or machine to a tryout, as in We'll shake down the new model next week.
4. Become acclimated or accustomed, to a new place, job, or the like, as in Is this your first job? You'll soon shake down. [Mid-1800s]
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shake down

1. To extort money from someone: The mob regularly sends thugs to shake down local businesses. The blackmailer shook us down for $1000.
2. To make a thorough search of someone or something: The guards shook down the prisoners' cells for hidden weapons. The airport security guards shook me down.
3. To become acclimated or accustomed, as to a new environment or a new job: We gave the new hire a few weeks to shake down before assigning her to a project.
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After an initial shake down of the race cars followed by extensive static and dynamic rig test session, the three drivers will embark on an intensive test and development programme which will take place at several tracks in southern Europe over the winter.
And though the kids have played Little League together, competed against one another in junior high, freshman, and junior varsity competition, and sometimes even live next door to one another, the sound of their hitting will shake down the thunder from the frozen sky.
I want to see how things shake down at both clubs before making a decision", explains the 31-year-old.
In fact, the inequality is a reflection of the real problem: Commission appointments, particularly to the coveted harbor, airports and water and power boards, have become little more than payoffs to political supporters and platforms to shake down contractors and unions for money and support for a corrupt political system.
In what was effectively a shake down for the Le Mans 24-Hour classic in June, the German pairing of Frank Biela and Marco Werner, partnered by Austrian Phillip Peter, pipped the Florida- based ADT Champion team's similar R8 by just a whisker over 13 seconds after almost 1400 miles of racing.
On completion of his shake down, he was informed by his CO, Commander Sir Geoffrey Congreve, that, 'You are the First Lieutenant aboard this vessel and everything is your fault and don't you ever forget it.
LEE Feeney is determined to shake down the enemy within and surpass the trenches leading to Dick Advocaat's select platoon at Glasgow Rangers.
Now Gore and Clinton are back on the prowl, as a fundraising 'tag team' working to shake down Democrat fat cats," said Nicholson.
Those are the relatively minor things wrong with City Hall's regulation of taxicabs, the purpose of which appears to be to shake down campaign contributions for the politicians and kickbacks for the hotels where illegal favoritism has long been the practice.
Next month, Salo and McCarthy head to Florida to meet up with Ulsterman Jonny Kane, who deputises for Biela as they shake down their R8 in the Sebring 12-Hour race, a perfect warm-up for the main event to take place on June 14-15.
The doctors feel this is a shake down by Arnett Clinic and they are being forced to pay a huge sum of money if they want to continue treating their patients in this community.
The toughest thing after running out of fuel on the shake down run was staying focused, especially when the water conditions were excellent," Wicks said.
Looking at-large: Here's how the major conferences, with a mid-major or two added in, shake down with two weeks left in the regular season.
After all, there are many more special interests to shake down.
The unions do it when they shake down the politicians at the bargaining table to get more for doing less.