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like a shag on a rock

Isolated, lonely, stranded, or abandoned. (A shag is an Australian term for a cormorant, which often perches alone on cliffsides.) Primarily heard in Australia. I can't believe you just got up and left me there like a shag on a rock! Even at parties around lots of people, I still tend to feel like a shag on a rock.
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shag (off)

Sl. to depart. I gotta shag. It's late. Go on! Shag off! I gotta shag. Somebody's calling my name.

shagged out

Sl. exhausted. What a day! I'm shagged out! You guys look sort of shagged out.
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bag ass (out of somewhere)

and barrel ass (out of somewhere) and bust ass (out of somewhere) and cut ass (out of somewhere) and drag ass (out of somewhere) and haul ass (out of somewhere) and shag ass (out of somewhere)
tv. to hurry away from some place; to get oneself out of a place in a hurry. (Usually objectionable.) I gotta shag ass, Fred. Catch you later. Let’s haul ass out of here and go get a beer. It’s late, you twits. Time to go. Let’s drag ass!
See also: ass, bag, of, out, somewhere

shag ass out of somewhere

See also: ass, of, out, shag, somewhere

shag ass

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1. and gang-shag n. an act of serial copulation, with one female and a group of males. It was nothing but a gang-bang, and a drunken one at that.
2. and gang-shag n. group rape of a woman. There was another gang-bang in the park last week.
3. in. & in. to perform an act of serial copulation, as in senses 1 or 2. A bunch of guys gang-banged Sally, for a fee, of course.
4. tv. & in. to gang up on someone or something. They’re always gang-banging. The punks!



shag (off)

in. to depart. I gotta shag. It’s late.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. Nobody is not too shagged to drive—or something like that.
See also: shag

shagged out

mod. exhausted. What a day! I’m shagged out!
See also: out, shag


mod. nasty. I want out of this shag-nasty mess.
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Admittedly the subject of shagging, along with drinking, belching and being sick, do tend to dominate the conversation and Teachers is not exactly Politically Correct - but that's a positive in this day and age.
On the plus side, this meant he could resume shagging his wife.
The shagging thing', would mean 'the bloody thing'.