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like a shag on a rock

Isolated, lonely, stranded, or abandoned. A shag is an Australian term for a cormorant, which often perches alone on cliffsides. Primarily heard in Australia. I can't believe you just got up and left me there like a shag on a rock! Even at parties around lots of people, I still tend to feel like a shag on a rock.
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shag (off)

Sl. to depart. I gotta shag. It's late. Go on! Shag off! I gotta shag. Somebody's calling my name.

shagged out

Sl. exhausted. What a day! I'm shagged out! You guys look sort of shagged out.
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bag ass (out of somewhere)

and barrel ass (out of somewhere) and bust ass (out of somewhere) and cut ass (out of somewhere) and drag ass (out of somewhere) and haul ass (out of somewhere) and shag ass (out of somewhere)
tv. to hurry away from some place; to get oneself out of a place in a hurry. (Usually objectionable.) I gotta shag ass, Fred. Catch you later. Let’s haul ass out of here and go get a beer. It’s late, you twits. Time to go. Let’s drag ass!
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shag ass out of somewhere

See also: ass, of, out, shag, somewhere

shag ass

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1. and gang-shag n. an act of serial copulation, with one female and a group of males. It was nothing but a gang-bang, and a drunken one at that.
2. and gang-shag n. group rape of a woman. There was another gang-bang in the park last week.
3. in. & in. to perform an act of serial copulation, as in senses 1 or 2. A bunch of guys gang-banged Sally, for a fee, of course.
4. tv. & in. to gang up on someone or something. They’re always gang-banging. The punks!



shag (off)

in. to depart. I gotta shag. It’s late.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. Nobody is not too shagged to drive—or something like that.
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shagged out

mod. exhausted. What a day! I’m shagged out!
See also: out, shag


mod. nasty. I want out of this shag-nasty mess.
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At High Point Market, it debuted Cotton Bloom, for example, a beefy polyester shag that is "a step up" at a $399 MAP for a 5-by-8, said Blake Dennard, senior vice president, Kaleen.
and a publisher of fine art prints and limited editions by artists Shag, The Pizz and Von Franco.
212-545-8780 2 Nourison's Brisbane shag collection of area and accent rugs is machine-made of polypropylene in Turkey.
In a bid to educate us, the USI's (Union of students in Ireland) have created Shag week - well in actual fact it's a Shag fortnight.
The 24-year-old singer was given a choice between Benji Madden, Pete Wentz and Mayer to shoot, shag or marry.
The new shags that we have come out with lend themselves to a soft contemporary or transitional environment," Damavandi said.
The day before the reception, Shag was seen busting frontside rocks, lipslides, frontside airs, and slob fastplants in a prime Phoenix area backyard pool with the crew.
AE Lloyd & Son, which has shops in Aberystwyth, Chester and Cardiff, is bringing out Shag in a bid to provide young adults with a new lifestyle brand.
The Entryway, 1997, presents the electric fan, taped-up Polaroids, and shag carpeting of an apartment that could play host to the Spanish-style swag lamp depicted in Chandelier (Hope), 1998.
While most of the disco decade's styles are best forgotten, one 1970s look that's coming back strong is the shag - the haircut, not the carpet.
Other alleged UFO crashes are similarly shrouded in mystery, despite a wealth of civilian and military evidence: Pennsylvania's 1965 Kecksburg crash as aired on the Science Fiction Channel, and Canada's Shag Harbor incident of 1967, to name just two.
Shaw will also debut the Mirabella shag line this summer, which uses an ombre space-dyeing technique as well as the EverTouch yarn.
At least I think that's what happened because I kept being distracted by thoughts like, "If you were having a threesome with your boyfriend and your gay best (male) friend, he wouldn't want to shag you though, would he?
But later Harleigh told me, 'These are called shag bands you join two together and whoever snaps them apart you have to shag them'.
This expo was a virtual sea of shag in every color, material and style.