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Chen found job shadowing helpful in gaining a realistic view of one possible law career.
Job shadowing helps students make professional contacts in a given career field.
Shadowing may yield other opportunities for learning, as well.
Some schools, including Muhlenberg College and Indiana University, offer formal job shadowing programs through their career centers.
Formal job shadowing programs often include the following steps:
A coordinator briefs students on job shadowing essentials and program requirements.
Those interested in providing a job shadowing location for students, or students who would like to job shadow, can call the School and Business Alliance at (661) 259-0033, Ext.
Job shadowing demonstrates the importance of academics in reaching college and career goals and motivates students to learn by demonstrating the tangible applications of classroom lessons.
Through the generosity of local employers who open their doors and share their expertise, job shadowing activities provide students with eye-opening experiences that can make a difference in determining their future.
The Rotary Club has enlisted about 50 businesses to participate in this year's Job Shadowing Day, including the Animal Clinic, Bloomies Florist, Wells Fargo Bank, Andel Engineering and U.
Created by four national groups, the day is designed to showcase the values of job shadowing and emphasizes career exploration.