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Here Holmes turned suddenly to the right and we found ourselves in a large, square, empty room, heavily shadowed in the corners, but faintly lit in the centre from the lights of the street beyond.
It seemed that the bitterest thoughts of her life must have centred about the wooded reaches and the bright green meadows around Goring; but women strangely hug the knife that stabs them, and, perhaps, amidst the gall, there may have mingled also sunny memories of sweetest hours, spent upon those shadowed deeps over which the great trees bend their branches down so low.
On Monday participating students were at businesses and offices all around town as they shadowed politicians, artists, teachers, doctors, police officers and firefighters, accountants, judges and retailers, just to name a few.
Kathi Lund, mother of Saugus High junior Tom Lund who shadowed TimBen Boydston of the Canyon Theatre Guild, said that after she dropped off her son, she ran into student shadows all over town.
That reinforced interests in meteorology for a student who shadowed a television weatherman; a student who observed surgeries at an animal clinic decided that veterinary medicine would not be a personal career goal.
Rosner shadowed the support services director, the outpatient services manager, and the administrator of the pathology department at a hospital in New Haven, Connecticut.
Employers and other businesses leaders who volunteer to be shadowed also take pleasure from rediscovering what it was that initially attracted them to their occupation and what it is that provides meaning and excitement in their jobs.