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shady past

A dubious, suspicious, or potentially immoral or illegal past history. Investigators have begun looking into the shady past of the bankrupt company's CEO. I don't know, John, I wouldn't go out with a guy who has a shady past like that.
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on the shady side of

slang Older than; more than. I'm much more concerned about my health now that I'm on the shady side of 60. You're on the shady side of 20, which means you need to start acting more responsibly.
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shady character

 and a suspicious character
Fig. an untrustworthy person; a person who makes people suspicious. There is a suspicious character lurking about in the hallway. Please call the police.
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shady deal

Fig. a questionable and possibly dishonest deal or transaction. The lawyer got caught making a shady deal with a convicted felon.
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In the life insurance industry, Shadier noted, "the stakes are high, so there is a lot of concern around e-signatures.
This is a delightful compilation which, if it does not add to the serious tomes of scholarly reference books, does bring the past's shadier characters vividly to life.
They're shadier and less windy, and a heck of a good place for seedlings to start.
Commercial sites, in particular the shadier ones, take advantage of the possibility to include neutral key words that allow them to pop up in hit lists of perfectly innocent searches.
We didn't own the land, we were simply being neighborly, doing a good deed--planting a shadier future for whoever wanted to enjoy it.
ON the premise that there is nothing wrong with stating the obvious, last night's 'expose' of race-fixing and money laundering was peak-time proof that racing is not without its shadier elements.
The days when subprime borrowers had to deal with shadier institutions are a thing of the past.
With light pouring down through the rooflight and deflected by the containing wall, the space itself seems, when seen from the shadier depths of a sofa, a means of illuminating the living room.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the story of Nathan Drake, a fortune-hunter with a shady reputation and an even shadier past who is lured back into the treacherous world of thieves and mercenary treasure-seekers.
This does not mean the shadier parts, even those directly beneath the tree canopy become redundant.
Ashley Walters, back on our screens after his excellent performance in Inside Men, plays a far shadier character in Gregor.
Oddly, the area of the garden I tend to enjoy most is the shadier area; the area with different shades of greens and pale colours, the area with the various ferns and shade loving plants.
Audiences soon discover a shadier side to the glitz and glamour of jazz age New York as our heroine is thrown into the midst of human trafficking, muggings and illegal liquor-fuelled parties.