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be shacked up with (someone)

1. To be living or sharing accommodations with someone while having a casual sexual relationship with him or her. I haven't seen my sister in weeks. I hear she's been shacked up with some guy from Oklahoma these days. I was shacked up for a while with a woman I met downtown, but I've been on my own for the last couple of months.
2. To temporarily share accommodations with someone. A: "Do you have a place to stay while you're in town for the wedding?" B: "Yeah, I'm shacked up with my brother and his fiancée for the weekend."
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shotgun shack

(chiefly Southern United States slang) A one-story house in which each room is in a straight alignment with the others, connected by a continuous hallway running from the front to the back of the residence. When our whole family goes to stay in my grandmother's shotgun shack in New Orleans, it always feels like we're all right on top of one another.
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shack up (with someone)

Inf. to sleep or live with someone temporarily in a sexual relationship. They shacked up for over a year until her parents found out and stopped sending her money.
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shack up (with somebody)

to live with and have a sexual relationship with someone you are not married to I was surprised to hear you're shacking up with Kathy.
Related vocabulary: set up housekeeping
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shack up

1. Sleep together or live in sexual intimacy without being married. For example, They had been dating for two months and then decided to shack up. [Slang; first half of 1900s]
2. Stay or reside with, as in I'm shacking up with my cousin till I find a place of my own. [Slang; first half of 1900s]
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shack up

v. Slang
1. To live, room, or stay at some place: She's shacking up at her cousin's house until she finds a place of her own.
2. To sleep together or live in sexual intimacy with someone without being married: There's a rumor that the professor is shacking up with one of his colleagues. Do you know if they are shacking up together?
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shack up (with someone)

1. in. to have a one-night stand with someone; to copulate [with] someone. He only wanted to shack up with me.
2. in. to move in with someone temporarily, presumably for sexual purposes. They shacked up for over a year until her parents found out and stopped sending her money.
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shack up

See also: shack, up

shack up

1. To live together and have sexual relations without being married.
2. To live, room, or stay at a place: I'm shacking up with my cousin till I find a place of my own.
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