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In my college mind I could justify having sex if I didn't use birth control because then I was only breaking one rule and not two," Rix says.
Moreover, some girls who complete primary or even secondary levels of education also enter the sex trade.
While chapters one and two set the tone for the book and give background on American sex offending, Chapters 3-4 give a much needed injection of critical scrutiny to the current discourse about legal responses to juvenile sexual offending.
The concept is nothing new to the students, as abstinence is the topic every day in this five-week sex education course.
Because the urge for sex isn't as primal or as physical in women as it is in men, it's often too easy to put it last on the priority list.
After all, there was Sigmund Freud, who first popularized talk of sex, including deviant sex, beginning in the early 1900s; Margaret Sanger, who advocated birth control to enable women to separate sex from pregnancy in the 1910s and 1920s; Gore Vidal who lionized gay men in literary fiction in the 1940s; Hugh Hefner, who introduced American men to the Playboy fantasy in the 1950s; Mary Calderone, who promoted sex education and founded SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) in the 1960s--the list goes on.
Attempts to use national or local surveillance data to estimate the risk for STI transmission between women are limited by the fact that many risk classification schemes have either excluded same-gender sex among women or subsumed it under a hierarchy of other behaviors viewed as higher risk.
It takes Eros and sex to blast us out of Earth's gravitational pull and into the realm of true love.
Art--A Sex Book persists in the belief that both art and sex can still be strange in a good way: something as yet unseen and beyond ordinary experience--something transcendental even, filthy linens aside.
Augustine, unlike some of the Eastern theologians, thought there would have been sex in the Garden if there had been no Fall.
Supporters of comprehensive sex-ed feel that if students are well-educated, they'll be empowered to make smart, healthy decisions about sex and their bodies.
Sex educators of the 1920s infused the movement with a strong tilt toward the promotion of family life.
Others argue that such products will stigmatize female sexuality and drive women to pop a pill when what they really need are better relationships and more sex education.
The task force reviewed all available data pertaining to sex difference and MS.
Her Sex and the Church: Gender, Homosexuality, and the Transformation of Christian Ethics (Boston: Beacon Press, 1999, 240pp.