the seven year itch

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the seven-year itch

The supposed inclination of a person, typically a man, to begin longing for sexual relations with other people after seven years of marriage. Everyone warned me about the seven-year itch, but I've been completely content with my wife every second that we've been together. A: "I heard Jack has been having an affair with a bartender from across town." B: "Hmm, sounds like the seven-year itch to me."
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seven-year itch

a real or imagined longing for other women in a man's seventh year of marriage. Looks like Jack has the seven-year itch. The seven-year itch is just a rumor.
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the seven year ˈitch

(informal) the wish for a new sexual partner because you are bored with your husband or wife: He’s started looking at all the women in the office. It must be the seven year itch.
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seven-year itch

n. a real or imagined longing for other women in a man’s seventh year of marriage. Looks like Jack has the seven-year itch.
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Big night: Cat joins stars and unsung heroes at our Great Scot awards last week, right Hot with a breeze from the south: Weather girl Cat recreates Marilyn's famous pose from The Seven Year Itch, main and above
In filmmaker Billy Wilder's The Seven Year Itch, Monroe's character cooled off by standing over a subway grate to catch the breeze as a train sped underneath - which sent her dress north and exposed a shocking amount of leg and undergarment for a 1955 movie.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Charles Kennedy; 2 His Master's Voice; 3 Five per cent; 4 Dylan Thomas; 5 The Seven Year Itch.
THERE is nothing like the seven year itch to inspire a man to return to the ring.
By Mike Derderian Watching Billy Wilder's 1955 The Seven Year Itch has become a ritual that I exercise every time my wife is out of town.
There is nothing enigmatic about the front cover image showing the Foster Gherkin as a space rocket at take-off; nor on the back, where the up-blown dress of Marilyn Monroe, an iconic image from The Seven Year Itch, transmutes into Gehryesque Bilbao titanium facades.
I did get a seven year itch and was offered another job but turned it down and I am very glad I did.
Just a few of them: "Double Indemnity," "The Lost Weekend," "Sunset Boulevard," "Stalag 17," "Sabrina," "The Seven Year Itch," "Witness for the Prosecution," "Some Like It Hot," "The Apartment" and "The Fortune Cookie.
Monroe disturbed the peace again when The Seven Year Itch started shooting in New York later that year.
It was bought by museum chain Ripley's Believe It Or Not - surpassing the previous most expensive dress sold at auction, Monroe's white costume from The Seven Year Itch, which went for $4.
NEARLY 2,000 watched her photocall in New York for The Seven Year Itch when her dress billowed up over a subway grate.
Meanwhile, Mossy went all Marilyn Monroe - think *that* scene in The Seven Year Itch - yesterday as she clambered out of a car.
MARILYN Monroe's iconic "subway" dress from The Seven Year Itch has fetched a record pounds 3.
The song's choreography mimics the famous subway sequence from 'The Seven Year Itch,' in which Monroe says excitedly, "Oh, do you feel the breeze from the subway?