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According to Stich, "Picture It Settled predicted the settlement's final outcome within 6.
The previous record came June 8 when it settled at $1,245.
The two suits, both filed by longtime Fire Department employees, were settled for just a few hundred thousand dollars apiece.
Thus, when a client sells assets to a trust previously settled by a third party, the sale is treated as an arm's-length transaction between the client and the TPT.
He believes that 2 or 3 years from now more than half of the large cases will be settled through the Fast Track Settlement process.
Meanwhile, the country was filling up with immigrants, who settled boundaries, ploughed fields, built homes, transferred land, and established credit long before governments conferred on them any right to engage in these acts.
If you encounter any resistance along the sides or if you cannot touch the bottom of the container with the rod, the solids in the coating may have settled, in which case the coating needs to be reconstituted.
And once an atom has settled near the edge of an emerging layer, is it attracted to, or repulsed by, the atomic forces generated there?
Artz and Blume indicated in 1991 that approximately 35 percent of all malpractice cases were settled out of court or before a verdict was reached and responsibility for damages was determined.
The State Board of Equalization and Assessment (SBEA) ratios were higher than those being used by the assessors in the early and mid-1980s, and while the original bill would have technically benefitted taxpayers for earlier years, the majority of those earlier cases are already settled.
First, credit risks in clearance and settlement stem from common factors: (1) changes in asset prices between the time a trade is initiated and the time it is settled and (2) gaps between the timing of final transfers of securities (deliveries) and final transfers of money (payments) on the settlement date.
Hong Kong's one-day settlement period, and its location in the Far East, make it virtually impossible for trades originating in North America or Europe to be settled on time, exposing parties to the cost of either overdrafts or uninvested funds.
Picture It Settled addresses these concerns by providing counsel and client alike with real knowledge based on actual results from successful settlements.
The two men settled without admitting or denying wrongdoing.
For example, if a taxpayer physically settled a forward contract on stock by delivering stock to the counterparty in exchange for the forward contract price, the taxpayer was treated as simply selling the stock for the forward price without realizing gain or loss on the forward contract itself, notwithstanding that the contract was a separate property right that may have had built-in economic gain or loss.