settle on

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settle on (something)

To come to a decision about something; to determine or agree on something, especially after a prolonged debate or decision-making process. Have you kids settled on an idea for your school project yet? It took some time, but Sarah and I finally settled on an appropriate price for the house.
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settle on something

to decide on something. We've discussed the merits of all of them, and we've settled on this one. I can't settle on one or the other, so I'll buy both.
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settle on

Also, settle upon.
1. Decide something, as in They finally settled on Bermuda for their vacation. [Second half of 1700s]
2. Give property or a title to someone, as in She settled an annuity on her husband. [Mid-1600s]
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settle on

or settle upon
To reach some decision; determine something: They discussed several choices for vacation and finally settled on a trip to Florida.
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The results for the 40 weeks reflect 15 cents per share in onetime transaction costs, 7 cents per share from stock-option expense and a 4 cents per share effect of the HITS units that did not settle upon the close of the acquisition.
Hunting for a place to rest its weary wings, an unsuspecting fly may settle upon what looks like a harmless leaf.
We hope to settle upon other details such as date and time of game within the next few days, but it's increasingly likely that any match involving Maradona will take place at Dens Park.
As quiet and a low gray light settle upon the stage after the sound and fury of Caspersen's monologue, a long line of dancers weaves through in silky, jewel-colored, bustle-embellished dresses (by Naoki Takizawa and Stephen Galloway).
Finding ourselves beyond that point in history where preservation seemed adequate, we are finding it difficult to discover and settle upon a new ecological paradigm for relating human activity to nature.
The dust came to rest, filtering gently down through the air to settle upon the paving stones.
01 per diluted share, and the impact of the Hybrid Income Term Security Units ("HITS") which did not settle upon close of the acquisition of $0.
I would counsel our friends north of the border to think well before they settle upon secession.
But the time-frame is fluid and much will depend on whether the claret and blues ultimately settle upon an out-of-work boss or one who is currently contracted to another club.
The only way out was for all four members to bend a little, and settle upon a candidate who was neither strongly supported nor vehemently opposed by anyone.
What might be seen as disdain was intensified by a sudden alteration in the programme-order (rumoured but unheard by this listener who had been on the premises long beforehand), and a remote platform-manner, Pogorelich scarcely acknowledging his audience , and launching into his performance before our attention was allowed to settle upon the music in prospect.
STEVE Sidwell is the latest player to put himself forward for spot-kick duties - with Villa still to settle upon a designated penalty taker.
He even effectively accepts we in the North should settle upon being second class citizens to those in the South.
The couple have yet to settle upon a name for their bundle of joy.