settle down to

settle down to something

to give something all of your attention I settled down to read about the festival and what I could do there.
Usage notes: often said about a meal: After work, we all settle down to a home-cooked dinner.
See also: down, settle
References in classic literature ?
my very dear brother, I should like to settle down to a better life.
Listen and laugh, before we settle down to the evening's study-grind.
I am letting it settle down to get 100% healthy so I can push on again.
To my shock and delight they were talking about their biological clocks ticking and worrying if they would ever meet "the one" and settle down to have kids.
EMBARRASSING BODIES: LIVE FROM THE CLINIC Channel 4, 8pm There are two things to remember as you settle down to watch Dr Christian Jessen and co treat their latest batch of patients.
If you have sex with the other guy, it's unlikely you will want life to settle down to what it was anyway.
It's just a pity that Lucy, right, hasn't got a favourite doom-laden soap to settle down to as her pregnancy is stressing her out, and Jane is putting all of her energy into keeping her comfortable.
To suggest something settles down to fight out a finish is like saying you would settle down to scale Mount Etna or settle down to go round and beat the living crap out of the bloke next door for playing his music too loudly.
The move shows that Eamonn is determined to settle down to family life with Ruth, 41, whose baby is due next May.
No one really knows how Che would react to having upper-middle class and noticeably whiter students spending their hip years being communists before they settle down to become bankers, economists or lawyers.