settle a score

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settle a score (with someone)

To get vengeance (on someone) for a past wrong or grievance; to punish someone for causing one harm or misfortune in the past. The former champion entered the competition looking to settle a score with the young player who dethroned him in the previous tournament. After five years in hiding from the law, Hofstadter decided it was time to return to town and settle a score.
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settle a score

Also, settle or wipe out an old score or scores . Get even, avenge a grievance or an injury. For example, Wendy settled an old score with Bill when she made him wait for half an hour in the rain . These expressions, dating from the mid-1800s to early 1900s, all use score in the sense of "an account" or "bill." Also see pay off, def. 3.
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settle a score


settle an old score

COMMON If someone settles a score or settles an old score, they take revenge for something that someone has done to them in the past. Phillips insists he's not interested in settling a score against the team that fired him a couple of months ago. Waters had only been out of jail three weeks when he and two friends went to settle an old score with a man he had met in prison. Note: You can talk about people or groups being involved in score-settling or the settling of scores. What is happening now is score-settling and there is little hope of an end to it. What we are witnessing here is the settling of scores.
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settle (or pay) a (or the) score

take revenge on someone for something damaging that they have done in the past.
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settle a ˈscore/an acˈcount (with somebody)


settle an old ˈscore

hurt or punish somebody who has harmed or cheated you in the past; get revenge: I’ve got a score to settle with him after the terrible things he said about my girlfriend.Before he left the school, he wanted to settle an old score with one of his classmates. OPPOSITE: call it quits
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Eager to settle an old score, La Salle came out tenacious early to deal University of the Philippines its worst beating of UAAP Season 80.
MIDDLESBROUGH'S Paul Drinkhall is hoping the aura that only surrounds an Olympic Games will help him settle an old score in Rio after a solid firstround win.
A There's also the possibility of an all-British tie against Celtic, the chance to settle an old score against Villarreal or a tough task against current holders Sevilla, whose squad includes former Blues loanee Gerard Deulofeu.
The murder was committed by the duo to settle an old score with him over a property dispute," the officer added.
30) tonight, he can settle an old score with Silviniaco Conti in the Betfred Bowl.
BULLET-RIDDEN gangster John Gilligan was almost killed by a psycho trying to settle an old score, it emerged last night.
Fultz, who is nominated for Breakout Action Star in a Feature plays Jack, an outcast that returns to town to settle an old score with the crew that betrayed him.
Duntle, meanwhile, could attempt settle an old score back in Group One company following her plucky success in the Duke of Cambridge Stakes.
Not Spirou, who found a way to settle an old score, this time against 2000 Dem presidential hopeful Bill Bradley, who waged a tough primary campaign battle against Al Gore in New Hampshire, eventually losing by four points.
30pm) | WEALTHY eccentric Sir Vincent Brampton arrives in Nairobi intent on hunting a legendary man-eating lion, and employs the services of disgraced big-game hunter Ken Duffield, who decides to use the expedition as an opportunity to settle an old score with the ruthless Kenyan terrorist who murdered his son.
NORWICH defender Zak Whitbread would love to settle an old score with Wayne Rooney today.
The revolutionary students' today move and occupation of the Old Fox's Den of Plots was only a meager response to this declaration of war and Britain should wait for the coming moves of the great Iranian nation who intends to settle an old score with Britain for years of plotting (against Iran)," the students' statement read.
The Borderers host Gary Bollan's Lions in the quarter-finals and McLaren is desperate to settle an old score.
The two goals helped Senghor maintain his top place in the UFL top scorers list and settle an old score with Al Ain which released him two years ago to join Bani Yas and led his team to their biggest ever victory over Al Ain.
BOXING: James Degale hopes to settle an old score with bitter rival George Groves by taking on the Commonwealth champion in December.